How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Have?

How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Have?

How many LinkedIn connections do I have? That’s a question many of people have if they have over 500 connections. LinkedIn shows your connections only as 500+. So how do you find how many you have? You want to know if your connections are growing right?

How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Have?

Luckily there is a way and it’s actually really easy!

How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Have in 3 Easy Steps

Go to Log in.

Step One: Search For Your Name

Type your name as it is on LinkedIn into the search box and click the magnifying glass (don’t click on your name in the dropdown menu.)


Step Two: Click On Where It Says 500+ Connections

When the results come up, click on where it says 500+ connections under your name. It’s a clickable link. This will bring you to a list of your own connections.


Step Three:  See Your Number of Connections

See under Relationships, the number under 1st Connections? That’s your current number of connections. In the image below, you can see I currently have 830 connections. Below, under location, you can also see how many you have in different countries or popular cities.


Now that you know how many connections you have, add me and make it ONE MORE!

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Blogging and Taxes #Infographic

Blogging and Taxes is a topic I do not like to discuss. Taxes are a part of life but they are also a common cause of stress that comes by at the beginning part of the year – year after year after year.

I am not qualified to give any sort of advice but I was curious what other bloggers did with regards to taxes so I took it upon myself to a do a quick survey and compile the results into an infographic to share with you.

The following data is only on a small sample of 64 bloggers so keep that in mind when you are looking through the data.

Please consider pinning this infographic if you find it interesting. You may also repost it with proper credits intact.

Be sure to check below the infographic for some helpful links.

Blogging and Taxes #Infographic #WAHMHop

For more helpful tax related posts, check out a few of my favorite bloggers.

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Promote Your Blog Locally for Free or Cheap

Promote Your Blog Locally ForPromote Your Blog Locally For Free or Cheap

You have to promote your blog if you want people to read it but there are so many different ways of doing so and it can be hard to decide which ways to go. Also sometimes you are faced with ways to advertise that cost money that you may not have. Whether you have a local specific blog or not, advertising locally has benefits. After all, you want people interested in your blog’s subject to visit your blog, whether they live half way around the world or right next door. If you do have a blog with local content, than there is even more of a benefit of course.

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How To Succeed as a Pro Blogger

How to Succeed as a Pro Blogger

When you decide to make the move from hobby blogging to pro blogging you may find you need to make some changes in how you do things to succeed, especially if you are having trouble succeeding as a home business.

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5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Must-Have Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are a great feature because there are so many and they can do so many things. You know the saying, “There’s an app for that” well you could probably also say, “There’s a plugin for that!”

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