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What is the Blogathon? | Next Blogathon is Jan 23-26, 2015

Coming in October: The Blogathon Games!

The newest free online blogger event to come from The Blogathon team is The Blogathon Games!

The Blogathon GamesImage Credit: Designed by Ashley at Forgetful Momma

What is The Blogathon Games?

For the full month of October, participants will complete tasks that will advance their blog in multiple areas and earn points for doing them. At the end of the month, the three participants with the most points will win the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes (to be announced.)

It’s a fun game but it’s also a way to get ahead in your blog business by helping you achieve many tasks you have been wanting to do but haven’t done or ones you didn’t know about but maybe should be doing. The game is loosely based off of the Itty Bitty Blogathon we did 2 years ago which was based off The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt run by Firepole Marketing.

Will This Work For My Blog?

This event will work for all bloggers as the task list will be so big, it will include hundreds of tasks. Therefore you will be able to skip tasks that don’t apply while still having enough to pick from to make it fair. Tasks will range from quick tasks to longer tasks, tasks you perform on your own to tasks you perform with others, task you perform at home to tasks you perform away from home, tasks you perform online to tasks you perform offline and tasks for those just beginning their blogs to tasks for those whose blog has been well established for years.

An example of what you might find include tasks related to growing your following, networking, creating, promoting, discovering, planning and more. Points will be weighed based on difficulty and time commitment.

But I’m Too Busy!

The event runs all of October which means you can participate whenever it’s convenient for you and as much as you want and can. If you don’t work on weekends, you don’t have to do anything on weekends. If you will be away for a week during the month, you don’t have to do anything during that week. There are no set guidelines on how many days or how often you work on accomplishing tasks. You can do one task all month or do one each day during the month, it’s totally up to you. Of course the more points you earn, the more you have a chance of winning the prizes but since the main goal is to better your blog, pick the ones you wanted to work on anyways so it’s not extra work. I am almost positive that there will be tasks on the list that you have been wanting to do or were planning to do anyways. Depending on your time schedule, you can decide to do more of the tasks worth less or less of the tasks worth more, whatever works best for you.

The Blogathon Team Has Gone From 3 to 5

The blogathon team recently added two new members and all 5 of us are excited about this event and we want you to join us! As with all blogathon run events, you can keep up on information about this event through the Facebook group, Google+ group (will be more active from now on) and some announcements will be made through the newsletter as well (but to connect with other players during the event, you will need to join one of the groups.)

Points and Accountability

In order to make the game fair, we need to be able to confirm that a task was actually completed before awarding points. To do this, participants will use a Tumblr blog, created for the game, to record the tasks they did and screenshots when applicable.  Don’t worry if you’ve never used Tumblr, it is SO easy and I’ll help you if you need it. I will write up a quick Tumblr tutorial as well. If you want to visualize how that will work, you can look at the Tumblr blog I used when I participated in the Firepole Marketing game.


There will be three sets of prizes: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These will be awarded after the event has finished and scores have been tallied to the three who earn the most points. We hope the prizes will encourage you to do activities but it’s really about taking your blog and business to the next level and helping you achieve the goals you’ve already set for yourself.  The prizes have not been finalized yet but when they are, they will be announced. If you would like to donate a prize (must be digital or an online service) email

I’m Interested, What Do I Do Now?

First of all, mark your Calendar for October 1st as the start date for The Blogathon Games! Second, sign your name below to show your interest in participating. You do not have to sign up below to participate but it will give us an idea of how many are interested in participating. Third, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter and/or are a member of our Facebook group so you will be reminded of the event and will get important announcements such as prize announcement and Tumblr instructions. Finally, consider spreading the word to your blogger friends so they can participate and improve their blog as well. You can use the share buttons to the left and top of this post. You can also use this smaller button on your blog if you wish.

The Blogathon Games

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