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What is the Blogathon? | Next Blogathon is Jan 23-26, 2015

Planning a New Blog? Use This Blog Planner

Download a New Blog Planner at

Whether you are looking for help starting your first blog or you already have one or more and are planning another, it pays to put some thought into you blog before you actually make it. Especially if gaining a large readership and/or monetizing your blog is important to you. Knowledge and planning will lessen the chance of you needed to re-brand in the future because the name or URL you picked for your blog doesn’t really fit.

I have 4 currently running blogs but I’ve started over 20 throughout the past 10 years. Some I stopped using because my interest wasn’t strong enough, some were meant to be temporary and others I had created because I wanted to read a blog with that topic but then I realized I wasn’t the best person to run that blog so I passed it on to someone else.

The blogs that I started and have run successfully are for the most part, the ones that I put some thought into before jumping into buying a domain or writing posts. I decided to create a specific planner sheet to use when I create a new blog (because I’m a compulsive blog starter) so I wouldn’t forget anything. That’s when I decided I wanted to share it with other bloggers who might be starting a blog as well. New Blog Planner

You can access this new blog planner through my Resources tab above or directly through that link. You don’t have to pay any money to access the printable, you just have to pay with a tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn Post or Google+ post to help spread the word about the resource.  Check out the page for more.

What is Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority?

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June 2014 Blogathon Winners

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Announcing Dates for the Winter 2015 Blogathon

Winter 2015 Blogathon Dates

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Day 3 Update (June 2014)

Summer Blogathon

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June 2014 Day Two Update

Summer Blogathon

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