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What is the Blogathon? | Next Blogathon is June 12-15, 2015

The Big Blogger Giveaway – 20 Winners!!!

It’s time! The Big Blogger Giveaway is finally here. To kick off the fact that the blogathon is now accepting signups for the January blogathon, I’ve put together a big giveaway for all bloggers. There are 20 prizes to be won!

If you are new to the blogathon, you can read all about it but basically it’s a twice annual blogging marathon/party. We aim for at least 24 hours but up to 72 hours of blogging tasks (writing posts, sorting email, working on blog design, researching ideas, learning new tricks, working on content calendar, using social media and tons more.) We have mini challenges, prizes and twitter parties! It’s TONS of fun.

You do not have to sign up to be eligible for this giveaway but I hope you will! Even if you might just be able to do a few hours, you can still sign up!

Giveaway Details

Giveaway Is Open To:

  • Bloggers (even if you just started it today, or you are still in the planning stages but hope to launch soon or if you’ve had a blog for a while but have been neglecting it and want to get back to it.)
  • Worldwide Residents (The books are open to US/CAN but everything else is digital and so is open Worldwide.)
  • Those bloggers who sponsored ad space for this giveaway – they can still enter to win the other prizes!

How it Works:

  • Enter using the rafflecopter form below. If you have any problems, comment or email me at Follow the instructions carefully. Entries WILL be checked before prizes are awarded.
  • Winners will be picked randomly. I will email you and tell you what you won and you will have the option of accepting or not. If you choose not to accept, you will not be given another prize so decide carefully.
  • Giveaway ends Dec. 15. I will need time to pick winners and contact everyone. If anyone says no thanks, I will have to pick a new winner so be patient but I’ll email winners ASAP.


  • WOMInfo Customized Media Kit
  • New Equus Designs Header and Button Design
  • Pixel Berry Pie Designs Choice of Graphic Design or Ad Space
  • Spot in Blogger Design Class from Sommerfugl Design
  • 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin
  • Viral Video Manifesto by Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe
  • The Tasti D-Lite Way by James Amos and BJ Emerson
  • Free Ad Space on 10 Different Blogs for a total of 13 winners

If you don’t see the rafflecopter form, click MORE below. It will take a few seconds to fully load.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I create gluten free recipes, product reviews and giveaways

  2. I have two blogs-my main blog and my essential oils blog

    A Jewel In The Making-blog about theology, health and diet, recipes, homeschooling, becoming a woman of God with reviews and giveaways thrown in.

    Anointing the Family-blog about Young Living Essential Oils and how they can help your health, naturally and safely.

  3. The More The Merrier is about Farm and Family with a few reviews and giveaways thrown in for good measure. You can learn about our farm animals, see pictures of them, and hear about fun things we do. I post a few recipes here and there too…healthy down home cookin'. lol.

  4. Owner of Mommy Who Loves Giveaways, a lifestyle review & giveaway blog.

  5. I own and operate and Cabin Goddess Reviews, Interviews, Markets Authors and creates unique recipes for them, also I share my photography from living in Alaska and offering a unique perspective and flavor from doing it all from a cabin in the woods of AK. Alaska Dreams is where I share an occasional review, my poems, my thoughts and rants .. other peoples reblogs, and photography. It is my little pocketful of snowflakes.

    Cabin Goddess went from 25 readers a day in mid January last year to over a solid 5K a day. It has grown so large I was told today there was no way I could keep going at my rate and still have shared hosting. I know many things I learned during last summers blog-splash helped triple my visits. In fact I now have more hits from Bing than Google due to me keeping up with the Jones and the lessons I continue to turn to still listed in last summers mini challenges.

    I will be switching to a dedicated server with a new host, completely revamping everything during the month of December and will need all new pretty ideas to make it even more electrifying! My little quiet blog Alaska Dreams needs to stay just that with more traffic and a bit more focus too.

    I plan on working my rear off to make my book blogging, novel writing and my own poems, pros, recipes and more streamlined and up to date.

    • Wow! I started blogging last March, but let it slide during the summer, now back again and want to REALLY put in the required effort. You have inspired me!

  6. I have a blog where I blog about handmade, international events and tech tools.

    Starting a new blog under on international trade, business and international affairs.

  7. I'm the owner of Savvy Suburban Mama It's about living in the suburbs, ideas for things families would like, reviews and giveaways and whatever else I think fits in th elife of someone like me – a Suburban Mom.

  8. So excited about another blogathon. I had so much fun during the last one. I have a blog called My Life's a Treasure. Each week I share the household tips, crafts, my attempts at organizing my life and the fun I have with my family.

  9. Shop In Your Seat, Not On Your Feet is not live yet but soon to be. I sell Tupperware and Regal Gifts and will be blogging about special offers and product info.

  10. Makobi Scribe is a blog about recipes, travel, parenting tips & tricks, sweepstakes & more…

  11. I blog at and my blog is a lifestyle blog where I talk about every and anything! :>

  12. My blog is about my life as a special needs stay-at-home mom and video games, as well as some reviews and giveaways

  13. I write a lifestyle blog, full of reviews, recipes, and just anything else that's going on–including a few things related to my direct sales business. Its at

  14. I have a review & giveaway blog ( and a blogging tips blog (

  15. I blog about Fashion, Pregnancy and more at

  16. I'm a young adult book blogger. I review teen novels, participate in book tours, interview authors and host giveaways.

    Compelled By Words (.com)

  17. My blog is I blog about life as I see it, from a Christian perspective, with recipes, reviews, giveaways and more!!

  18. This is amazing!! I'm a blogger at and I blog and health and fitness and nutrition, and the odd cocktail :)

  19. I blog at I'm Lauren and write about trying to balance health, fitness, stress, and find inner peace and happiness in my life!

  20. My blog is I blog about blended family, large family, recipes, saving money, gardening and DIY.

  21. Hi guys!! My blog is a little of everything. The Pieces is my health (body and mind) blog, with tabs to the healthy recipes I experiment with, the workouts I do, and my personal blog. Come check me out if you want tips or resources on how to live a healthy life!

  22. My blog is called A Spectacled Owl ( I post a lot of reviews, giveaways, stuff about my family :)

  23. I'm a book blogger, I review ebooks myself (along with two others), run an ebook virtual book tours as well.

  24. I'm a domestic blogger. Realistically Domestic is all about keeping it real while making a house a home.

  25. daytimesparkle says:

    I am a new blogger blogging about life, including but not limited to life with a special needs child.

  26. I have multiple blogs, but if I won, I'd use ads for reviewsbycole,com, my review blog

  27. I blog at Letters Inside Out ( about young adult books! I try to do a little twist than just your traditional book reviews by adding more personality.

  28. I'm a web developer and graphic designer. In addition to posting about my latest projects, I also write about great handmade products (Etsy is a favorite place to shop!) and exploring the artisan handcrafted community. I have multiple giveaways going on every week… come stop by, especially if you would like to win some free jewelry and other prizes! Also, I host The Shop Hop twice a month, to feature some of the best online shops on the web. Thanks for reading!

  29. I have a blog about vintage children's books and ephemera:

    Barbara's Beat
    We promote MOMtrepreneurs and DADtrepreneurs.
    We blog about family issues. We do reviews and giveaways; and find coupons and resources to save money and make life easier.

  31. My blog is Louisiana Housewife. I started it in July to help me come out of my shell. I basically write about my life in Louisiana and all the random thoughts I have on a wide variety of topics like crafting, saving money, shopping, books, websites, giveaways, and product reviews.

  32. I have a few blogs that range from recipes to your average frugal living website. I'm hesitant to post a link because I'm not sure which blog I will use this prize towards.

  33. A Freckled Life is my personal blog, dedicated to the lifestyle changes I am making in my life to live healthier, happier, and stronger. I have been having a hard time keeping up with it, but I have a lot of good things to come in the new year and am so excited to share them with everyone.

  34. I run a book blog that basically blogs about anything related to book. :D

  35. I'm a Christian mom blogger and I blog about faith and family, including homeschooling, homesteading, reading, crafting, and frugal living. I promote Christian businesses and frugal family options and am always looking to make new friends! Come on over and say hi!
    For the Display of His Splendor –

  36. I write a blog called Danizilla Conquers the World. It is centered around my solo travel adventures as an alternative girl with anxiety issues. It can be found here:

  37. My Family blog is

  38. We are a family friendly product video review and giveaway blog :) Thanks!

  39. I'm a mommy/family blogger: http://sanityisforthosewithoutchildren.blogspot.c

  40. Am I too late for this one.
    My Blogs;
    Bible Fascinaiton – http:.
    Discover Bible Treasures –
    I am a writer and a blogger. I have recently written my first novel (editing stage)

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