Mini Challenge List – Winter Blogathon 2013

Biannual Blogathon BashNOTE: These challenges were designed for participants in the Biannual Blogathon Bash however anyone is welcome to use them to learn at any time. However if you are signed up for the blogathon AND did your kick off post, doing mini challenges will increase your chance of winning prizes.

The challenges are being hosted by various bloggers including me. You will have to click through to the blog to see each challenge. For each you will need to read the post and then do whatever is required according to the challenge host. Some may require a comment on the post stating what you did. Some might require making a post on your blog and linking it up, or something completely different. If you have any questions about how a challenge works or what counts, comment on the challenge directly or locate the blogger’s contact info and ask them.

You may also want to check out the mini challenges from past blogathons. Doing these will not count towards prizes but there is some great information there and they may cover some of the things you wanted to do anyways.

Mini Challenges Winter 2013

  1. How to Create a Blogging Planner @ A Jewel in the Making (An improved version of last year’s challenge)
  2. Give to Get @ Holy Splendor
  3. Grammar Police @ Holy Splendor
  4. Blog Brand Consistency @ Newlywed Survival
  5. Ad Management for Bloggers @ Geek With Style
  6. How to Back Up Your Blog @ Geek With Style
  7. Photo Editing Tools For Bloggers @ Geek With Style
  8. Tips for Promoting Blog Posts on Facebook @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
  9. Why Social Network Promotion is Important for Blogs @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
  10. Google+ (Google Plus) Guide for Bloggers @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
  11. Blogger’s Guide to LinkedIn @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
  12. How to Get Paid Blogging Opps @ Sunshine and Sippy Cups
  13. Cleaning Up Your Back End @ Makobi Scribe
  14. Tips for Food Photography @ Confessions of an Overworked Mom


Kathleen Garber-Bailey

Kathleen is a blogaholic and social media enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. She is a SAHM of five and a Girl Guide leader in addition to her multiple online endeavours.

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27 thoughts on “Mini Challenge List – Winter Blogathon 2013
  1. Tanya

    I did #1 and my lucky #13 because I have wanted to join G+ for awhile. Thanks for all the helpful info, would've taken me so much longer to figure all that out myself!

  2. @SunandSipCups

    Finished #1 – I've been looking everywhere for a few more printables I needed for my own new blogging binder – and found exactly what I've been needing in her printables!! :) Just finished putting my binder all together :)

  3. @SunandSipCups

    #2 done – Creating ebooks – one on household tips for Sunshine and Sippy, and one on blogging tips for my new site – that will be both be free with email sign up. Great idea!!

  4. Tanya

    Finished #15 and joined the Mom Bloggers Network since I am already a member of SITS Girls. I love these mini-challenges! Helpful resources in a variety of topics I know I need to address all in one place. Mini enough to address the issue without being overwhelming and allowing me to address a variety of issues in a day! Lots too do today and will ibe back for next blogathon!!

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