Winter Blogathon 2013 – It’s Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the Blogathon.

If you are just coming across this site because you saw someone else blogathonwinter[2]participating, don’t worry you can still join in! Sign up here, then come back to this post.

For those already signed up, Welcome to Day 2. If you were participating yesterday, hope you got some things done. If you are just joining in today, no worries, you still have time! I hope to see everyone at the twitter parties today.

At the evening twitter party yesterday one of the questions was:

What’s your biggest how-to blogging question?

I saved the answers everyone gave to see if I could help out with any of them. I am featuring some of them here.

@NewlywedSurvive – How to acquire loyal followers
This is one I don’t have luck in myself. Even the tactics I do know help, I haven’t implemented yet. I do know you need to keep consistent with your blog topics so people interested in those topics will keep coming back, knowing what to expect. Replying to comments helps. Responding on social media too. It takes time. Some articles I found: 5 Blogging Strategies to Attract Loyal Followers To Your Blog, 15 Techniques That Build Loyal Followers

@CassJaney – How do I get some comments? How do you do a giveaway if you can’t afford much of anything? How to get some followers, too.
Comments are really hard to get. People are lazy, plain and simple. If they don’t have something very striking to say, they won’t comment. Many blogging groups have comment exchanges where you comment on my post and I comment on yours. This ups your comments and ideally encourages others to comment but it doesn’t help in the long run. More reading: A Collection of Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Comments, How to Get Readers To Talk Back. As for giveaways, you can get sponsored by companies to host giveaways. Check Bloggerdise for companies to work with, or use Social Callout. Tell them what they get in exchange for sponsoring a giveaway (there has to be something in it for them.) Also you can give away something of your own that doesn’t require shipping. Create some printables and put them in PDF format and give that away. Depending on blog traffic, give away ad space on your blog.

@FrugalCouponMum – How do I simply make drop down menus on #Blogger? f you are looking for a simple and easy way to do this, there isn’t one. You have to hand code it using CSS. Here is a tutorial for adding drop down menus in blogger. I haven’t tried it though so use at your own risk and if you attempt it, back up your blog first,

@RaisingSkaters – How to use Adobe Photoshop for photo editing. I really need to study it. I typically use Paint Shop Pro for photo editing.
Personally I have no idea. I use Paint Shop Pro too. However I know of a free workshop on Adobe Elements from The Blog Maven.

I will answer more later today so check back. If you weren’t at that twitter party and want to share your answer to the tweet, leave it in a comment on this post.

More Tips:

  1. If you are having trouble concentration while doing writing tasks, try this writing music I found.
  2. Evaluate how much time you are spending on social media. I’m bad for this. I don’t want to miss anyone’s message and as host, I am especially worried about someone’s question or post going unanswered but checking social media every two seconds undermines my goals.
  3. If one of your “problems” is lack of content, stop making lists and decisions and goals and tweaks. WRITE. Just Do It. You can scrap it if you don’t like it, you can save as draft and edit it later. It doesn’t have to be published now or ever. However go get better at writing (skill and consistency) you just have to write.


  1. We’re having lots of fun chatting on twitter and facebook, I hope you will join us! (just not too much)
  2. Make sure you are signed up and did your kick off post. RSVP for the twitter parties (only need to do it once) if you will be attending even one.
  3. It’s not required, but you can certainly do an update on your blog if you want. Totally up to you.
  4. Visit the other participants and give them some love.

Okay so I was looking for a video for everyone to get you going and I FOUND IT!

This is a parody of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Now it refers to school and some other things but just imagine blog work instead. Skips to 1:10 to skip the intro.


Go Forth and Be Productive! (um, blog work, not babies)

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Kathleen is a blogaholic and social media enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. She is a SAHM of five and a Girl Guide leader in addition to her multiple online endeavours.

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  1. @Scatteredmusing

    Those were some great questions. I wanted to add that getting comments is definitely hard, but if you end your post with a question (in regards to your post) for your readers to answer that will help engage them.


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