Maximizing Your Call-To-Action Button

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Maximising Your Call-To-Action Button

awesomebuttonWebsite owners and bloggers have to use call to action buttons frequently. If you are wondering what a call to action button is, it is simply a link or a button on a site that webmasters want web visitors to click. As the name suggests, it is aimed at convincing web visitors take certain action i.e. buy products or services being sold in a site.

Call to action buttons simply offer customer’s guidance. They are what websites are centred around. They are simply links to buy something, sign up for something or enter contact details. Call to action buttons can be used in very many other ways. The above ways are however the most common. From the above information, it is obvious that call to action button must be designed perfectly for them to serve their intended purpose. Below are some of the top features of a great call to action button.


The design of a call to action button also matters a lot. Contrary to popular believe, people click more on plain call to action buttons as opposed to colourful buttons. This is a proven fact in many studies carried out on call button design. Your focus should therefore be getting the size and placement right as opposed on spending a lot of time on fancy designs that don’t influence action contrary to popular believe. Keep your call to action button plain and simple and you will be surprised how much attention the button attracts.


It is important to note that the message on a call to action button matters a lot. You should therefore focus on a message or word that grabs attention instantly. The best call to action buttons have action words which arouse curiosity or demand action. You should however avoid being too demanding or pushy with words. Stay relevant to the style of your site and used appropriate words only. You should also be specific.


This is a very important consideration for a call to action button. The button should stand clear of other content preferably an area with adequate white space. This is the only way to ensure that the button is noticeable. Placement is important because it considers where web users are likely to look at. A perfect call to action button should be placed near content to ensure that users see the button.


A great call to action button has to have a perfect size. For guidance regarding the appropriate size of a call to action button, you should check the size of other features i.e. banner ads. A call to action button shouldn’t be bigger than a banner ad. This is important in terms of portraying the intended visual impression. A big call to action button can scare customers away. Again a small button can go unnoticed. Balancing the size of the button is very important. The button should measure average i.e. less than a banner ad.

In summary there are many other good features of call to action buttons. The above features are however adequate enough to get you started on the right path.

Your Mini-Challenge

Survey any Call to Action buttons you may have and see what you can do to improve them. Make changes now if you can or if not (maybe because you are waiting for a designer for example) then just add it to your to do list or make plans to get it done. Comment on this post to tell me what you did or will do.

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Mo Raja. He currently works in online marketing at a mobile phone specialist insurance company Protect Your Bubble. Mo occasionally writes blog posts on technology, gadgets, mobile phones and online media. This post however is solely the opinion of Mo and not endorsed by any other individual or organisation.

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20 thoughts on “Maximizing Your Call-To-Action Button
  1. Meghan

    I just got my blog redesigned, so am happy with the design and placement of the buttons. However, I do think I need to reach out and check out new platforms. I am really just doing twitter and facebook!

  2. Alaia

    When my designer gets back to working on my women's event website, I'll add call to action buttons for joining the community and buying tickets. Its on the list now!

  3. shaismith

    I need to work on my buttons for my newletter(s), BUT I do have Elegant Themes and some awesome plug-in they offer has buttons that come with it. They are very simple but nice looking buttons that you can customize with things like 'Click to Tweet'. I use the 'Click to Tweet' at the end of important bits on my blog, but not so much on I guess I should use it on both, though!

  4. ve3smu

    Well I only have one button so I guess I can design more. I need to know what calls to action I would need.

  5. cydlee61

    My first step was to actually create a new call to action in setting up a newsletter for my blog and putting a subscribe button on my blog.

  6. Gillian Pearce

    I'm happy with the current subscribe button on my blog but I'm working on changing to Mailchimp from Feedburner. I'm having difficulty getting the Mailchimp button to look the same as the one I currently have but I'll working on it.

  7. Michelle

    I've added a call to action button to bring more readers to my Facebook page – separate from my Facebook "like" button. Thanks for the idea!!!

  8. aerynlynnegws

    I'm updating my newsletter button in my sidebar… I've got the right colour now I believe, but am still working on it's boxy look.

  9. Jackie

    I'm going to attempt to make a call to action button to get people to follow via email. I'm new at button creation – gonna do it with the mini-challenge, so I might end up having to get someone to do it for me. Can these be an element that shows up on each post like the tweet/fb/ etc that I have now? Like a button at the bottom of the post that saids 'subscribe" but in more inviting language? I want an easy click to sign up so this would be awesome. If they like a post they could click at the end of it so they dont miss out on more.

  10. v12m

    I like the call to action on my blogs. I have Pinterest, FB, subscribe, Twitter and Bloglovin. I am about to open at Etsy store so I will need to design one when the time comes.


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