Month: January 2014

Winter 2014 Blogathon Winner Announcement!

And the Winner Is


The Winter 2014 Blogathon Winners Are…

*If you won, you will be getting an email from me to the email address you put in the Rafflecopter form. If you don’t see an email by the end of the day, send me an email (see contact page). If you see your name, it means you! There were no duplicate name entrants spelled exactly the same way.

Tanya – Domain/Webhosting from NameCheap
Karen – Content Brew
DaLynn – Content Brew
Cecile – Premade
Alison – Premade
Kecia – Idea to eBook
Michelle – Idea to eBook
Ramona – Idea to eBook
Sarah – Idea to eBook
Megan – Idea to eBook
Donna – Ad on Forgetful Momma
Carin – Ad on Tidbits of Experience
Kay – Ad on Forgetful Momma
Caroline – Ad on Callista’s Ramblings
Jenn – Ad on Callista’s Ramblings
Shari – Ad on Southern Girl Ramblings
Robin – Ad on Tidbits of Experience
Margarita – Ad on Tidbits of Experience
Meagan – Ad on Happy Pretty Blog
April – Ad on Divas With a Purpose
Monica – Ad on Sunshine and Sippy Cups
Kimberley – Ad on Divas With a Purpose
Dominique – Ad on Happy Pretty Blog
Pam – Ad on Tidbits of Experience
Barb – Ad on Tidbits of Experience
Stephanie – Ad on Tidbits of Experience

Congratulations and another HUGE thank you to our sponsors!

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Announcing Dates for the Summer 2014 Blogathon

The Summer 2014 Blogathon will be…

June 20-23, 2014


Mark the dates. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter to be alerted to signups!

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Winter 2014 Update: Day Three

Well it’s Day Three already, phew! 24 hours to go. If you are just finding this event now, it’s not too late to join! Please make sure you check out past posts too though. Find everything important linked in the sidebar at the top.


  • Make sure you have done a kick off post, linked it up AND entered the rafflecopter form if you want to win.
  • There are THREE mandatory entries on the rafflecopter form. You must have done at least two of them to be eligible at all (tell me what number you are on the kick off linky and tell me what prizes you want to win.) If you don’t tell me the email you want to use, I’ll just email the one associated with Rafflecopter, but if you miss it, the prize could go to someone else.
  • Remember to claim any mini challenges you complete on the form as well.


  • Twitter Parties are 12PM (free chat) and 8PM EST (Working with Brands)
  • Instagram Topic is: Weather Report

Feedback Survey

Here is the link to the Feedback Survey. PLEASE find some time to fill it out when you decide you are done with the blogathon as it helps me make future blogathons better. You can also claim another entry for filling it out. The survey has a spot to fill in your total time spent on the blogathon for a chance to gain another prize entry. Only totals filled in the survey will count towards the bonus entry.

Wrap Up Post

If you wish, you can create a wrap up post or you can edit your kick off post to show us how you did. What did you accomplish? Did you have fun? You can share your total time spent on the blogathon in your post too but make sure you include it in the survey too.

NOTE: I am giving everyone till 11am EST Monday (3 hours after the blogathon ends) to finish and claim your feedback survey and wrap up post entries. That way if you fall asleep while working or go to bed and forget to do it first, you haven’t missed out. Mini challenge entries after 8am EST will not count.

You can link up your wrap up post below.

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From Idea to eBook Course from eBook Emporium (Sponsor Spotlight)

Have you ever wanted to create your own ebooks? Whether you plan to sell them or offer them for free, it can be daunting to get started. The From Idea to Ebook Course from The Ebook Emporium is an online course that you can use to get those ideas out of your head and transfer them to an ebook.

Mandi, who also blogs at Life Your Way has graciously donated 5 course registrations as blogathon prizes. I purchased the course myself months ago although I haven’t had a chance to fully go through everything. Check out the course outline to learn more about what is included.


Disclosure: The ebook Emporium is a sponsor of the Biannual Blogathon Bash. In exchange for offering some prizes to blogathon participants, the company will get some advertising.


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