How to Generate 750+ Blog Post Ideas in One Hour

How to Generate 750+ Blog Post Ideas in One Hour!

All bloggers need fresh blog post ideas constantly if they want to blog regularly. I wrote about generating content ideas before and mentioned three content generators in that post. Well I found more so this post is about all 10 content generators on the web. Use these tools and generate more than 750 blog post ideas in one hour just like me.

How To Generate 750+ Blog Post Ideas in One Hour using these TEN Blog Post Idea Generators

I generated 750 blog post ideas just by using each of these generators ONCE. Many of them can be used over and over so you can actually get even MORE than 750!

Content Idea Generators

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s content idea generator is probably the most fun to use and probably the simplest. Type in one keyword and click the arrow. Click the arrow every time you want a new suggestion. I just copied the best ideas into a text document for later.

Portent Content Idea Generator

Quandry Content Idea Generator

This generator is for bloggers who also have a product they sell. You have to sign up with an email first and then after you confirm your email you will be given a username and password to access the generator. You will have to answer a bunch of questions about your product, it’s intended use and a whole bunch of other things. After I submitted I received 360 ideas in less than 1 second!

I used my SEO for Bloggers: Advanced ebook as the basis for my responses and you can see below some of my suggestions. At the bottom of the page is a little box that you can click to copy and paste the suggestions into a document for later use.

Quandry Content Idea Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

To use the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, fill in three nouns you wish to write about and click give me blog topics and you will be presented with 5 title suggestions.  If you want a whole year’s worth of ideas, you can fill out a form and subscribe to their blog and they will email you more. Note that the form asks questions as if you are a business but you can still get ideas if you are a single blogger with no current side business. Just answer the questions as close as you can.

You’ll notice one of my suggestions below is grammatically incorrect. That will happen sometimes with generators but they are ideas and they are meant to be changed as needed.

Hubspot Content Idea Generator

Hubspot Content Idea Generator

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

The Tweak Your Biz generator is another one that gives you a lot of blog post ideas at once. It asks you to enter a keyword and mark if it’s a noun or a verb and submit. I enter “blog” and clicked verb and got 213 ideas!

My ideas were separated into categories. It even puts all the ideas together into one little box that you can save or print. I copied them all into a document and saved for later use. As always you will have to adjust grammar on some of them and some of them might not make sense at all. However out of 213 ideas you can bet I can use most of them.

If you choose a verb –  Lists, Questions, How Tos, Celebrities, Lists, Motivation and Ing (adding ing to your word).

If you choose noun – Lists, Best, How-Tos, Questions, Love, Sex, Celebrities, Secrets, Snark, Business, Motivating, Problems and Kitchen Sink.

Example with video games:

Snark – Don’t Be Fooled By Video Game
Secrets – Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Video Games
Celebrities – Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Video Games
Sex – 7 Ways Video Games Will Improve Your Sex Life


SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

The SEOPressor Blog Title Generator just asks for a keyword and you can clarify what type of word it is for better results (term, product, location, skill etc)

Once you submit you will get 5 ideas and you can hit the refresh button to find 5 more. Alternatively you can enter your email and be sent more ideas. I was sent 154 ideas in a text file when I tried it.


Blog Title Idea Generator

This tool by InboundNow is fairly straight forward. Its suggestions are generic, you can fill in the blanks with your topics or keywords after. Just click the blue button and a new one will appear. I suggest copying ones you like into a document for later. You will only see one idea at a time.


Blog About by Impact

Blog About by Impact asks you to name one thing you like to blog about. Unlike other generators, if you aren’t sure what keyword to use, you can auto-generate some ideas until you find something you’d like to blog about.


The refresh button gives you ideas of what to blog about but if you click next you go to a blog post title generator which has nothing to do with the blog topics you were coming up with.

It comes up with a post title with blanks and you can save the ones you like to a list below. Or you can edit the blanks and then save it. When you are done, you can email yourself the blog post ideas.


FatJoe Blog Post Title Idea Generator

This one like many others asks you to enter a topic or keyword and it will generate ideas. It will give you 10 ideas at a time but there is a button to generate 10 more. Adjust your grammar as needed.


The Blog Post Ideas Generator

This one from Build Your Own Blog is another simple one. You don’t enter any keywords or topics in this one. Just click the orange button for a suggestion. Unfortunately the title ideas come up with a fancy animation each time so it takes longer than it should.

Not all the suggestions are fill in the blank and some seemed more for a hobby blogger. Also I tried to copy and paste them into a document like the others but it doesn’t copy properly so you have to edit each one.

Some ideas I got:

Something nobody will believe is…

healthy marriage

I just gotta say this…

Top X Must Haves For __________


Linkbait Title Generator

This one is not flashy. Enter a keyword and click the button. You get 25 ideas. Click the button again for 25 more. They were pretty good ideas.


So how is your collection of blog post ideas now?




Kathleen Garber-Bailey

Kathleen is a blogaholic and social media enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. She is a SAHM of five and a Girl Guide leader in addition to her multiple online endeavours.

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9 thoughts on “How to Generate 750+ Blog Post Ideas in One Hour
  1. Perla

    Wow, this is very good news, thanks for sharing these tools, I had no idea they even existed. I think I'll try first Blog about by Impact, sounds like is able to help me to find out what I like to blog about :)
    But are there some tools to make lazy bloggers like me to be more diligent and productive with just one click too? :))

    1. Kathleen Bailey

      Glad you found this post helpful. I wish being productive was as easy as one click but I hope to write more on blog productivity soon (in the meantime I have written a bit about it already if you search the blog.

  2. Chrissy

    I think these are some useful tools. How do you use these tools but still be authentic? I will give them a try and find out. You have been book marked.

    1. Kathleen Bailey

      These tools just give you some ideas to get started. One blog post title could end up going many different ways if written by different bloggers. So I think it would still 100% be authentic.

  3. Diane Hoffmaster

    I must admit…I have plenty of ideas and not enough time to write them all! I find that the more I sit at my computer, the less inspired I am. Life creates inspiration for me!

  4. Jennifer Soltys

    Alternate title to this: How to Create a Monster. LOL So many ideas!!! Now need to find the time to write them all! (I love this though!!)

  5. LauraOinAK

    Sometimes these tools are good for a laugh, too. However, it is nice to see so many possibilities in short order.

  6. Dawn McAlexander

    That is really cool! Right at the moment I don't have a problem with ideas for posts, but I have seen times when I could have used these to come up with some ideas. It's nice to know that they are there.

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