Making Blogging Friends The Right Way

Making Blogging Friends - The Right Way!

Do you need help making blogging friends? Do you feel alone in this blogging world? Here is how to make blogging friends.

Making Blogging Friends - The Right Way!

Making Blogging Friends In All The Right Places

The internet is a huge place and there’s plenty of room for all of us making a living online. If you’re worried about collaborating with “your competition” think again. One of the best things you can do is make friends with other online business owners in your niche.

What Can You Do For Them?

There’s nothing worse than getting an email from a blogger you don’t know, asking for help or advice. If you need some blogging advice or help finding a PR contact, do NOT just randomly email another blogger who you have not made friends with first. This is not how you make friends in the online blogging world. Instead, look at some of the people in your niche that you would like to connect with and figure out what you can do for them.

You need to make connections aka friends so you will have someone to reach out to when you need something. However before you can even think of asking for something, you need to do something for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or that you don’t have a big reach yet. Start sharing good content they put out and recommend them to your audience. Take the time to write a meaningful comment on their blog post or in response to a Facebook post.

Shoot them an email if you notice that their website is down or there’s a problem with a broken link. Be genuinely helpful and it will be noticed.

Cultivating Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Once you’re on the person’s radar, it’s time to start cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship. This can take a lot of different forms. You may guest blog post on each other’s sites, become a podcast guest, contribute a chapter to their latest book or even create a product together.

Or maybe you just have fun public social media conversation that help both of you reach a larger audience. And of course becoming affiliates of your respective products is a good idea too.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter what you do exactly as long as it benefits both of you. If your list is significantly smaller, offer to do more of the leg work. Make sure the other person walks away feeling good about the collaboration.

Some bloggers get together in small groups called pods and help each other out with interaction. For example a comment pod might be a group of 8 people who regularly check out and comment on each other’s posts.

Grow Your Reach And Make More Friends

As you start to make friends, your reach will grow. But it doesn’t end there. The people you’re meeting can help introduce you to other bloggers or even other people such as PR or media contacts. Don’t stop seeking people out on your own either. Combine both approaches and you will continue to make more friends, grow your reach and grow your business. This is called networking.

Most Important of All

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should be doing what you are doing to make friends first and foremost. Gaining reach or opportunities should be a pleasant by product of your relationship, not the reason to start the relationship.

I love that I’m making blogging friends and I look forward to making more. I would be honoured to be friends with any and all of you.

Kathleen Garber-Bailey

Kathleen is a blogaholic and social media enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. She is a SAHM of five and a Girl Guide leader in addition to her multiple online endeavours.

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9 thoughts on “Making Blogging Friends The Right Way
  1. daytodayMOMents

    These are great tips, although making friends online is as hard as in person when you're an adult. lol But love the idea of simply keeping in your niche and being helpful as a way to start. :)

  2. thehouseful

    LOVE these tips, especially not emailing a blogger out of the blue to ask for their PR contacts. It's just rude and offputting! We have to remember that this is still a job, and that jobs require networking, and reaching out in general.

    1. Kathleen Bailey

      It can be intimidating, especially if you are new to a group of bloggers. Many people go about it the wrong way, asking for things first or mass emailing people. Keep offering help to others and you'll make lots of great friends.

  3. suelee1998

    I have quite a few online blogging friends that I have never met in real life. They are great friends and I am so thankful for them.

  4. valmgMomKnowsItAll

    I have been blogging for many years. I have encountered many people online, and am lucky to be able to say have made a couple of really good true friends.


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