5 Reasons to Make Blogging Friends

5 Reasons to Make Blogging Friends

Blogging can be a very lonely business since you usually work from home so you aren’t surrounded by other employees. That just means it’s all that more important to know the reasons to make blogging friends.

5 Reasons to Make Blogging Friends

5 Reasons to Make Blogging Friends

When you first start blogging you can feel alone, especially if no one else in your real life is a blogger. You try to tell your friends and family excitedly about your blog and they just don’t get it. Even when you start working with brands or make blogging your professional job many friends and family just won’t be able to understand.

“You get free stuff, that’s so cool!”

“When are you going to get a REAL job?”

Have you ever heard those?

It’s important to make blogging friends and not just to have someone understand you but that is number 1 on the list.

Reason #1 – Someone to Understand You

A blogging friend will understand the problems you have whether they are technical (Help! I can’t get my plugin to work right) to business (I have so many posts due this week!) to personal (My husband just doesn’t understand!)

They are someone you can go to with blogging questions or concerns, especially if they have a bit more experience than you.

Reason #2 – Someone to Support You

This sounds similar to the first reason but while #1 is about understanding where you are coming from and the problems you face, #2 is about doing something to support you.

If you have a post that you need more eyes on you might be able to ask a friend to swap social sharing. In other words you share their post if they share yours.

Or you could team up with a pal to run an event or weekly linky. Or they might suggest you for a brand opp they aren’t right for but you might be perfect for.

Reason #3 – Loneliness Means Less Motivation

I found many small nods to this fact although I will admit I had trouble finding an actual study to quote or link you to. But it does make sense so I’m including it.

Lonely people feel less motivation to get things done whether it be work or just things that need to get done around the house. As a person who has felt loneliness I can attest to this fact as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean you needs LOTS of friends though or that lots of friends would be better than a few.

Introverts will need less friends than extroverts. I have a few close blogging friends and I’m happy with that. It doesn’t mean I’m not friendly with many others whom I would consider my acquaintances though.

Without a study I can’t say for sure but from experience I would say that when one feels lonely, they focus mostly on that. Sometimes giving themselves negative thoughts such as “I’m no good” or “no one wants to be my friend.” WITH friends you feel happy and loved and are free to focus on other things.

Now #3 means friends in general of course but I think it’s important to have friends that are associated with all walks of your life. So in my case that would be friends who are also moms, into Girl Guides, bloggers and who have similar health issues to me.

Reason #4 – Outsider’s Perspective

Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective on your work or plans for your business and in an office, you could just ask the person next to you. When you work from home you will need a blogging buddy to run ideas past. You won’t want to ask just anyone either, but a friend who you know won’t steal your idea and will give you quality but honest feedback.

A blogging friend can look over a post you’ve been struggling on for an outsider’s view or give you honest feedback on the look of your blog and how a new feature you’ve implemented is working.

Reason #5 – Fill In the Gaps

There are lots of parts of blogging and since you don’t go to school to learn it, you mostly teach yourself. Often a blogger is better at certain parts than others. For example you might be great at design but not at tech. Or great at tech but suck at grammar.

If you have blogging friends who are good at the parts you aren’t, you can help each other out. She helps with your tech problem and you help fix a design issue on her blog.

Of course you should never buddy up to a blogger just because they can do something you struggle at, that wouldn’t be honest. But if a friend you make happens to be good at something, find a way to do something for them in exchange for help.

If they have a product, maybe you can buy at a discounted rate or get a free copy in exchange for a review and becoming an affiliate. Again these would be things that are figured out months to years after becoming friends. After you’ve shown yourself to be a good friend even when you don’t need something.

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