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Hello There!

I started the Blogathon March 2012 because I had participated in something similar in the past and when it stopped being run, I missed the opportunity to work on my blog along with many other bloggers. Since then it has evolved into something so much more as well as a full blog about blogging and social media tips for all bloggers, but especially those who consider their blog, their business.  Find out more of the story behind the blogathon.

This blog is only one of many owned and run by me, Kathleen Garber. I have been blogging since 2005 and I created and ran websites before that, as early as 1999. I don’t claim to be a blogging expert. I too am always learning (as everyone should!) I may not be the most successful blogger or the most highly paid but my blogs ARE my businesses. I’m a full-time blogger, doing the best I can and I want to help you accomplish your blogging goals.

The Face Behind The Blog: Kathleen Garber

Kathleen Garber

I love learning and usually teach myself what I want to know. I’m a self taught blogger and social media enthusiast. When I’m not online, I am a mother to my three children (and one on the way!) I have two girls and one boy and another girl is due Feb 2014. I am also a Girl Guide Leader and I work mostly with Brownies and Guides.

I mostly frequent Facebook and Pinterest (I even have two accounts!) with Twitter (again two accounts!) and Instagram being second. I am trying to use Google+ more often as well. I like Google+ as was an early user but I just haven’t gotten into the habit of checking in lately. (Also check out the Google+ Page for Biannual Blogathon Bash)

I love reading, even though it’s getting harder to find time for it with 3 kids and even more than 3 blogs. I much prefer nonfiction, in fact that’s basically all I read.

Even More Blogging Events

Besides the blogathon, I also run other blogging events from time to time. We had an Itty Bitty Blogathon once and we may do that again, or something similar. I host the Rocks and Roses Blog Critiques where we help critique each other’s blogs. I have hosted twitter chats in the past and plan to do more in the future if there is interest. Who knows what I may come up with in the future. You can always see if there are upcoming events on the events page.

Dig in to the blog however you want. The categories across the top should help you get started.