BC Stack 2017 Review and Download Guide

BC STACK - $9000 worth of blogging/business products for only $27!! Here is your Guide

If you are thinking of buying BC Stack 2017 or already did this guide is for you to help decide if you want to buy it and what things to download first.

I have accessed and evaluated ALL the items except two because I’m having trouble accessing them. That’s 63 items. I didn’t sleep so I could share with you what I thought.

*This post contains affiliate links which means I get a commission if you purchase BC Stack.

BC STACK - $9000 worth of blogging/business products for only $27!! Here is your Guide

If you are not familiar with BC Stack yet:

BC Stack is your blogging/business library with a value of $9654 for only $27! Ends July 26th 11:59pm CST. Courses, books, tickets, gift certificates, videos, software and more. All for one $27 price.

How To Use

I spent 3 DAYS on this guide so I tried to make it thorough and helpful. I talk about EVERY product in the BC Stack. First click over to the BC STACK sale page (it will open in a new window) so you can compare side by side.

The products are listed IN ORDER as they are shown on the BCSTACK sale page. So you can open this guide and the sale page side by side to compare if you want. You can also SEARCH for a specific product by using CTRL-F and typing all or part of it’s title in.

Any product highlighted in blue is one of my TOP PICKS but the ultimate top 7 are shown below.

My Top 8 Recommended Products for Bloggers

**Click to JUMP directly to those items in my guide.**

  1. Honest Bloggers Bundle
  2. How to Successfully Organize a  Blog With Multiple Topics
  3. Guide To Your Technical Blogging Frustrations
  4. Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers
  5. 3 Months Pre-Written Marketing Plans
  6. Traffic Now Technique
  7. Traffic Avalanche
  8. Media Kit Smash

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Review and Download Guide

Jairek Robbins

I did not sign up for this but you get a custom life or business consulting call to maximize your performance (life) or increase your net income (business).

BEST FOR: Business owners who are a little lost and would love some direction or personal advice
NOT FOR: People who don’t like

Neal’s Live Training on Being an Influencer

This hasn’t happened yet but I’ve signed up and it looks good.  For those who wish to be a Social Media Influencer (or are and want advice.) NOTE: It seems like there are only 100 live seats in the training which I assume means just because you sign up doesn’t mean you will get in.  It’s the first 100 who get there on the required day/time.

BEST FOR: New Social Media Influencers or people who want to become a social media influencer
NOT FOR: Those in a totally different industry/niche.

Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms & Templates

An ebook with tools and materials to help generate FREE media exposure for your books. It includes forms (like an outline to follow) and samples for: message, press releases, author bio, author Q&A, tip sheets, press kit quiz, book review. website press room, virtual book tour email pitch, radio talk show email pitch, article/segment email pitch, syndicated article, sound bite, publicity plan + resources.

BEST FOR: Anyone who wrote a book or is writing a book (AWESOME RESOURCE)
NOT FOR: Anyone who has no intention of ever writing a book.

Free Domain.Me Domain

You only have 14 days to secure this! You can use your .Me domain like an online resume and show where you can be found online.
NOTE: As of right now I haven’t been able to access my domain because I’m not getting the confirmation email. It’s being looked into

BEST FOR: Those with multiple online presences (more than one blog/website) or those who offers online products/services
NOT FOR: Those who already have their own website/online resume/hub that you direct people too.

SBI for WordPress

SBI for WordPress is a 6 month subscription to their tools. It is an SEO related tool that is quite complicated I found and I know a lot about SEO. You can use it to help narrow down a possible blog niche or find related keywords and there is a plugin for WP so you can see this information right in your posts. You can easily see the top search results for the keywords it shows and information about those results.  NOTE: You only have 14 days after purchase to grab.

BEST FOR: SEO Professionals or business owners who know a lot about SEO but need keyword help
NOT FOR: The average blogger or brand new business owner

Modern Social Magazine

Free issue is viewable online in an interactive format where you can click table of contents to move directly to that section or flip pages. Or you can download as a PDF for later viewing or saving. There are also coupon codes for money off subscriptions. Topics in this issue: passion projects, lessons for bloggers, brand ambassadorships, organized inbox, social media contract, answers from agency execs about working with brands, secrets of a killer blog post, tools for twitter chats, digital marketing assets, recipes.

BEST FOR: Everyone. Who can’t use a magazine? Especially if those topics above interest you.
NOT FOR: … nope it’s for everyone…

Ultimate Facebook Profits Masterclass

This was GOOD. I’m no newbie to using Facebook for my business and I learned new things. It’s touted as for those wanting to use Facebook Ads but he covers ORGANIC reach too. He teaches you to Grow, Engage, Convert. He goes over tactics for all three and even if you never use a Facebook ad, his other ideas would be worth it. Videos and ebook with workbook for questions for you to consider and answer. The Facebook ads part would be a bit helpful to the average blogger who wants to use ads but is better for businesses that sell products/services. The videos cover: content calendar, automating, how to share OPC (Other People’s Content) in an authentic way and gaining likes/shares/comments.

BEST FOR: Anyone who wants help growing, engaging and converting their Facebook page/group and businesses who want to learn how to best use Facebook ads.
NOT FOR: Anyone with no interest in engaging with their audience on Facebook.

BC eSubscription Box (One Year) **ADDED**

“For one year we will send a goodie box to your email every month. That box will include an eBusiness ebook (ie branding, messaging, wordpress, seo, analytics . . .etc) along with some fun adds like royalty free music, graphics. And we’ll do a business webinar each month . . .including how to put on a BC Stack like product of your own. “ You do not need to do anything extra for this. Once you have bought BC Stack you will be signed up.

BEST FOR: Everyone!
NOT FOR: … nope for everyone.

Podcasting Editing

I do not do podcasting and never will. But if you do you can get a podcast professional edited for free. She will also summarize the main points of the podcast for you and create 2 social media posts for promotion.

BEST FOR: Anyone with a current podcast or creating one in the very near future.
NOT FOR: Anyone without a podcast

Traffic Avalanche Course

I read everything in this course in less than 30 minutes. I’m a speed reader but still it wouldn’t take you more than an hour probably. However it is good information and it will take you longer than that to put it into practice. It’s basically something I already knew I should do and have sort of done but not on as big a scale. She also lays out all the steps in order for it. I have following her plan in my To Do list for the next little while. She also has great tips for making a good lead magnet as well.

The bad thing is her course setup needs some fixing. The “Next Module” button at the bottom does not direct you to the right spot so make sure you use the links in the right sidebar and the logo at the top to navigate. Also I didn’t agree with two small suggestions she made but they were minor things and it’s no big deal to do it my way.

BEST FOR: Any blogger looking for a way to bring more traffic to their blog and anyone who needs help making a good lead magnet.
NOT FOR: Businesses that do not have a blog or Top, High Traffic Blogs.


Viral Content Busy Bee Account

This is a sharing platform where you share other people’s content on social media and earn credits so you can put some of your content out there to be shared. Once you signup, you need to register for an account and then email Ann back so she can set you up with a premium account.

BEST FOR: Anyone who creates content
NOT FOR:  Anyone with social media profiles full of self promotion or a tiny following (less than 250).

Domain Flipping and Investing

This is an ebook with video promised to come soon. The book is very thorough and he clearly knows what he is talking about. I could see myself possibly doing this some day and I’ll keep it filed until then. I found it interesting.

BEST FOR: Those into or interested in domain flipping as an income
NOT FOR: Anyone NOT interested in domain flipping as an income

Lifetime Access to a Premium Plugin from PluginMill

They have 44 different plugins to choose from and you can choose any ONE for a LIFETIME use on as many blogs or sites as you want, even client sites. A few I found interesting: Viral Quiz (create fun shareable quizzes on your blog), Timed Widgets (auto update your sidebar widgets), ScrollPop (pop up from side when readers scrolls near end of post), Return Visitor (customized messages for return visitors or subscribers) and Comment Optin (while commenting they can click to optin.)

BEST FOR: Anyone with a self-hosted WordPress blog
NOT FOR:  Anyone not on self-hosted WordPress blog and not planing to switch.

The Complete Kindle Publishing Course

This is a BIG course. Getting Started (market research, amazon rules etc), Writing Your Book (write faster, schedule, editors, book title, planning), Cover Design, Kindle Formatting, Publishing on Kindle (including pricing strategy), Everything Else (mistakes, marketing, author page, amazon categories, keywords, description, free kindle book promotion, Reviews, marketing on Pinterest and Twitter, Strategy, Writing More, negative reviews, bundling), Financial Management and Bonuses/Interviews. Each of those sections has resources and downloads.  I look forward to this.

BEST FOR: Anyone who is or wants to be publishing kindle books.
NOT FOR: Anyone who NEVER intends to self-publish a book, ever.

7 Warning Signs Your Small Business is Not Set up to Thrive

This says ebook but it’s actually a 90 minute video training. You can NOT download it or skip ahead or speed it up which irked me. So you only have the 60 days to watch it in its entirety. I have not watched it.

BEST FOR: Small Businesses?? Don’t know sorry.
NOT FOR: Large Businesses? LOL Sorry.

Private Coaching Planner

This is a planner that you can use yourself if you are a coach or you can offer as a free download or paid product to others. It’s PLR – Private Label Rights.  It’s a quality planner and would come in handy for sure for someone offering coaching or thinking of offering coaching.

BEST FOR: Those who do or want to offer private coaching (in any niche)
NOT FOR: Anyone not interested in private coaching.

30 Days to Self Publishing

This is an ecourse. It’s broken up into 5 phases: Analysis (ideas, research), Design (artwork, writing, title, cover), Development (formatting/layout, editing, publishing), Implementation (launch, marketing, promo) and Evaluation (track sales, revise strategy.) Each phases has many subcategories. It’s designed to tackle a section a day (after the intro section) for 30 days. You can complete it in less if you do more than one section. The sections aren’t incredibly long so you could definitely complete it in less. Well okay you can’t write your whole book on Day 7 for example but you can read Day 7s info and then while you are still writing the book, continue through the days. I only read a few sections for now but it seemed pretty much about the basics.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in self publishing (Kindle or Physical)
NOT FOR: Anyone who cannot see themselves ever self publishing a book.

Triple Loop Autoresponder System

This is awesome. If you need to work on email marketing this little course is for you.  It’s basically a way to keep the new email newsletter signups you get and get them reading your emails instead of forgetting about you and hopefully buying from you too. There is also a bonus video on how to make sure your emails stay out of the spam folders.

BEST FOR: Anyone with an email list or who will be starting an email list (which should be everyone)
NOT FOR: .. nope for everyone. If you don’t have an email list you should get one.

Stretched Too Thin: 10 Days to Overcoming the Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom

This course has 10 videos (you are supposed to do one video per day) plus a 50+ page workbook with questions and a Facebook group. The longest video is only 8 minutes and each video is also available as an mp3 if you prefer audio only (so you could listen during a car ride.) It’s purposefully short as the point is you are already stretched too thin and can’t commit to a long course.

She discusses those who work away from home the most but the information is helpful to those who work at home as well. One day is about your spouse so if you are single, you can do this in 9 days. This is about time management.

BEST FOR: Working moms who need better time management (even if you work at home)
NOT FOR:  Non Working Moms

Small Blog, Big Income: Advanced Ninja Tricks for Profitable Blogging

This is an 86 page ebook that you can get without signing up for anything. Just a download. In it is a link to a free ebook called 100+ freelancing writing questions answered which you can get by subscribing to her website.  In addition to the ebook there is a downloadable workbook.

This is not for well established blogs although some info in the second half of the book would still be interesting including information on selling your own products.

BEST FOR: New Bloggers or those with a small following who want to monetize.
NOT FOR: Multi-person businesses or well-established bloggers.

Membership Ignition MasterClass

This is all about creating a membership site to go with your business. There are 8 modules mostly all in video format. Some modules have more than one video. All the videos are on one page. You can download each video if you would prefer to watch them somewhere else.  There are downloadable resources as well.  My Favourite? The 12 month Content Planner which has 365 ideas that you can use anywhere (blog, Facebook group, social media) and not just in a membership site. So get this even if you don’t have plans for a membership site!

BEST FOR: Those who want to create a membership site but the Content Planner is best for all bloggers too

NOT FOR: Those who are not a blogger and have no plans for a membership site.

Zero to Your First 10K

This course teaches you how to go from business idea to making money. He walks you through your mindset and idea to figuring out who you serve to providing value to closing the sale and more.  He even has a few bonus offers one of which he will send you his book if you just pay for S&H (in the US) or you can download a PDF of the book for free.

BEST FOR:  Those with a business idea or a new business that needs help taking off and making money.
NOT FOR:  Anyone who is already making more than 10K  or does not intend to make money

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Campaign that Converts

This is a set of videos that shows you how to use Amazon links well in your posts and how to increase odds that they convert. It does NOT show you how to get started with Amazon as an affiliate like how to signup or find and get links to add to posts. It’s about increasing conversions and using a paid service Easy Product Displays for better displays.

BEST FOR: Those who are already using Amazon Affiliates and are looking for some tips to increases conversions.
NOT FOR: Those who have no interest in Amazon affiliates.

Event Buzz: A Blueprint for Filling Your Events and Increasing Engagement

This is a set of checklists and tips on running your own event. It is designed for in person events but some of it will be helpful to an online event. It is all laid out and easy to follow and you can tell they know what they are talking about.

BEST FOR: Those interested in running an event for others
NOT FOR: Anyone not planning to run an event.

Video Podcast: Best Practices for Successful Video Podcasting

This is a Udemy course about creating a video podcast including tips on lighting and audio. 1.5 hours of video plus extra resources. It does NOT teach you HOW to podcast or what camera or microphone to use. You must already know how to make and upload podcasts.

BEST FOR: Those who already do podcasting and want to know how to video podcast.
NOT FOR: Anyone not interested in podcasting.

PODCASTING: Ask Me Anything!

Podcast AMA – set up a free 30 minute coaching call and ask your podcasting questions.

BEST FOR: Those interested in podcasting or who have one that isn’t doing as well as they’d like.
NOT FOR: Anyone not interested in podcasting.

Social Media HIT Kit

This kit includes 4 short ebooks, a list of quotes to share on social media and a 6 month content calendar.

To be honest, I do NOT like the 4 ebooks. I wouldn’t even bother. She advocates attacking people on social media.

The quotes and planner are okay so if you are buying because other things strike your fancy, you might as well get them but ignore the ebooks.

BEST FOR:  no one really.
NOT FOR:  everyone?

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

This course is all videos that are not downloadable. You must watch them on the page.  There is no way to skip ahead or speed up so I have no idea how long they are. There is also a bonus video and a free subscription to Social Selling Made Easy magazine which is actually just a free app on itunes.

BEST FOR: Anyone who wants to improve their LinkedIn profile.
NOT FOR: Anyone not on Linkedin

Traffic Now Technique

This is a course on getting more traffic to your blog. It is not for beginners and you must have a self-hosted WordPress blog and have basic knowledge of how to use it. She also recommends having analytics installed so you can see if your efforts are working.

The course has 8 sections, one of which has a long video but the rest isn’t too long. She focuses on the Bing search engine when talking SEO but it’s about more than that. She shows real results on her end to prove it works.

BEST FOR:  Bloggers who want more traffic
NOT FOR: Businesses without blogs.


How to Outsource to a VA

This is a 35 page ebook which promises: “She’ll show you how to figure out what type of VA you need, where to find them, and how to work effectively together.” The information is for you whether you are looking for a full time VA or a one-off job.

In addition to the ebook you can signup for more freebies for those who want to become a VA such as: videos, ebooks, checklists, forum, graphics, worksheet and contract.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in outsourcing to a VA OR interested in becoming one!
NOT FOR: Anyone who never intends to outsource or become a VA.

Photoshop Your Biz

She says: “We will create three projects from scratch that include a collage or mood board, a set of social media share graphics, and a printable worksheet.” You get these bonuses too: project templates, social media graphics and stock photos. The course has 3 modules with 5 sections in each. NOTE: You must own Photoshop to use the course.

BEST FOR: Those with PhotoShop or who will be purchasing it and want to know how to use it.
NOT FOR: Anyone with no intention to buy PhotoShop.

Blogging for Stay At Home Moms

This ebook is for beginner bloggers or those who haven’t started a blog yet. It’s got good information but covers picking a niche, buying a domain/hosting, using affiliate links, etc.

BEST FOR: New bloggers or those who wish to start a blog (as a SAHM)
NOT FOR: Established bloggers or business bloggers

ConvertKit Masterclass

This is a thinkific run course on using ConvertKit for email marketing.  The course is a mixture of videos (mostly) and text. I also found some good ideas you can use even if you don’t use ConvertKit.
NOTE: There is a BONUS of  $20 off her Pinterest course + a free month of ConvertKit and 2 free months of Tailwind. (offer expires Aug 14).

BEST FOR: ConvertKit users or those who are thinking of switching to ConvertKit
NOT FOR: Those who are successfully using ConverKit.

Hashtag Membership Directory

This is a little “ebook” about how to use the directory and tips for using hashtags. The directory itself is a group of hashtags on different categories so you can pick which ones you want to use.

How to Become a Local Celebrity

She claims her course is for you if you want to launch a business or grow one,  become known in a brand new field or niche market or connect with the movers/shakers of your town.

To access the information you replay a webinar or listen to the audio. There are extra resources too and she is doing a live class in September as well.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in getting into their local market or becoming known locally for their niche/topic.
NOT FOR:  Anyone NOT interested in being a local celebrity.

Master Hootsuite

When you signup you can also get up to three extra guides: Home Business Success Secrets, Generate a Full-Time Income or Book Not Selling. You also get a free checklist.  The ebook is COMPREHENSIVE at 109 pages. Very good.

BEST FOR: Anyone using Hootsuite or who might want to use Hootsuite
NOT FOR: Anyone with no interest in Hootsuite.

Media Kit Smash

I love anything my Melissa Culbertson of Blog Clarity! This includes: 7 modules, 8 canva templates, videos/handouts/worksheets AND a Facebook community. PLUS BONUSES: personal critique of your final media kit, sponsored content pricing guide and ebook on using media kit. The course is comprehensive but also right to the point, no extra fluff to waste your time. WORTH IT

BEST FOR: Anyone who needs a media kit (even if you already have one)
NOT FOR: Anyone who does not work with others or want to work with others.


Affiliate Acceleration Mini-Course

This is a Teachable course and is pretty big for a mini course. It’s a mixture of video and text. Includes a large list of affiliate companies but includes lots of information on how to make your affiliate links really convert.  She makes it very real.

BEST FOR: Those new to affiliates or who are already affiliates but aren’t converting well.
NOT FOR: Anyone with no interest in affiliate marketing.

Making Videos and Life Easier with Camtasia

NOTE 1: This is about using Camtasia a product you must buy and costs $199.
From the creator: “Watch me as I teach you how to use my favorite tool, Camtasia, to record videos that mix PowerPoint slides, images, stock video footage, animation and beautiful fonts. No prior experience needed.” NOTE 2: For me when I clicked send me video it went to a page that said you don’t have access but the video was sent to my email.

BEST FOR: Those who already own or can spend the money to get Camtasia software.
NOT FOR: Those who cannot or don’t want to buy new software.

Zero Bullshit PR

This ebook is about creating press releases to try get yourself recognized by the media. How to make it, edit it and figure out where to send it.

BEST FOR: Anyone trying to get in the news
NOT FOR: the average blogger

Accelerate Your Podcast Success

This is a small course but there is another small course on starting a podcast so she can help you get started as well. It looks pretty good, mostly videos and they are short so it won’t take you too long to go through.

BEST FOR: Those who have a podcast that’s not doing too well or who want to start a podcast
NOT FOR: Those not interested in podcasts.

Google Analytics Training

This course is set up to not allow you access until a certain day (which I don’t like.) So I signed up but I can’t even access the first section till tomorrow and then the next section the day after that etc. So sorry but I can’t tell you if it’s any good. It looks like it covers installing GA, your dashboard, widgets, goals, experiments, reports and more.

BEST FOR: Anyone knew to Google Analytics or who has trouble understanding it. (I assume)
NOT FOR: Anyone who has a firm grip on GA.

Easy Does It – Webinar Sales Funnel Training

This is a live Training on August 3 at 3PM EST. If webinars interest you, signup even if you can’t make it live because you will be sent the replay and video trainings, worksheets, checklists and resources.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in learning how to run webinars and make money with them.
NOT FOR: Anyone not interested in doing webinars.

Get Your Logo Animated

Send your logo to Simon and give him some guidelines and he will create an animated logo out of it. Your logo will need to be high resolution minimum 2048px in JPG or PNG. You tell him any  branding colours you want, style (retro or futuristic for example). You will get an HD video back in MP4 format. You can use this for your videos or whatever you want. NOTE: You only have 60 days to access the info to send it to him so if you need to fix your logo first, get to it!

BEST FOR: Everyone! I think this is cool but I need a high resolution image to try it out first!
NOT FOR:  … nope it’s good for everyone. Well I suppose if you don’t have a logo yet that’s first.

3 Months Pre-Written Marketing Plans

You will get the following designed for August-September: pre-written newsletter for each month, 30 prewritten social media updates for each month, 10 blog post ideas per month, 5 promo ideas.

I LOVE these. I’ll be putting them to good use AND I’ll be pre-planning my social media content in the same way she has it laid out in the future as well.

BEST FOR: Bloggers who could use content ideas for email, social media and blog and promo ideas for their own products/services.
NOT FOR: Big businesses or well-established bloggers who do well with coming up with new content.


Live Sales Funnels Masterclass

This is a live class on August 8 and 8PM but you can sign up and receive the reply even if you can’t make it. It’s all about Sales Funnels. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is you should register too as she will cover that. Also she will answer questions via email after the webinar if you can’t make the live class.

BEST FOR: Anyone who needs help with Sales Funnels or wants to know if it’s for them or not.
NOT FOR: Anyone with sales funnels already in place that are working well.

Primp My Post

This course gives you an 8 step process to make your OLD blog posts shine. So this is about updating old content. The course is pretty simple and covers the basics of updating old posts. If you already know how to update old posts you won’t need the course but if you have been focusing on creating new content only and ignoring your old posts you will learn something.

BEST FOR: Newer bloggers or bloggers who have ignored old content.
NOT FOR:  Businesses without blogs or bloggers who already have a good system in place for updating old posts.

Momentum Intensive

So this was a little confusing. It makes you sign up for a one month subscription to her site but it really only includes access to Momentum Intensive. It’s a set of audio files that covers procrastination, thinking bigger, step out into the stretch zone and tricksters triangle. You also get one free coaching call. It’s for people who feel stuck.

BEST FOR: Anyone stuck in their blog/business
NOT FOR: Anyone who does not like listening to audio only files

How to Build a Power Presence on Social Media

This is an Thinkific ecourse on building your presence on Social Media. This covers Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and LiveStreaming mostly.  I don’t want to be mean but you can skip this. I don’t even recommend it for new bloggers.

BEST FOR: No one…
NOT FOR: Everyone.

20 Day Blogging Bootcamp

This is actually an ebook but it’s separated into 20 days of reading and activities. This is designed for a new blogger whose been blogging for less than a year or more if they have been blogging irregularly. Very good information and laid out well.

BEST FOR: New bloggers 0-1 year who started a blog but don’t know where to go from here.
NOT FOR: Established bloggers or big businesses.

Mastering Mobile Video

This course covers making videos using iMovie, Android devices and Windows Surface. It seem pretty through and he seems to know what he’s talking about. After you watch the sections for the device you have there is a Utilization section that covers YouTube, Facebook and some apps and such.

BEST FOR:  Anyone interested in making more mobile videos.
NOT FOR: Anyone not planning to do videos.

How to Make Passive Income with Digital Products

This *course* is a 30 minute video on creating your own digital products and selling them for passive income. Included: difference between active and passive income, how to pick topics, types of products, case studies, where to find content and how to create your own products.

BEST FOR: Anyone thinking of creating their own digital products
NOT FOR: Anyone making lots of money off their own products already.

3 Month Marketing Planner

This planner is a printable document with Content planning sheets, social media planner sheets, contact sheets, weekly time planner, review sheets and ideal customer worksheets.

I’m not sure why it’s a 3 month planner though when nothing is specifically for 3 months. You could use it over and over. That said, I found nothing I could use in it.

BEST FOR: Brand new bloggers
NOT FOR: Established bloggers or big businesses.

Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

This Udemy course is for those who have always wanted to travel the world and share their experiences but keep putting it off because of money or commitments. Two bloggers team up to share how they made it work (one is Single and one has a family with young kids) and how you can: get accommodations, transportation and sightseeing for free or sponsored, why a travel blog is crucial and how to make money from it and much more. 2 hours of video plus additional resources.

BEST FOR: Travel bloggers or wannabe travel bloggers
NOT FOR: Those not interested in travel or blog sponsored travel.

Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers

This course teaches HTML and CSS so you can design your own blog. The tutorials are shown for WordPress and Squarespace BUT you can use the info on Wix and Blogger you just can’t follow the tutorial videos exactly. This course unlocks a little at a time but will all unlock in just under a week. They want you to not skip ahead and take the time to do your homework. Mixture of articles and videos. Comments are on for all lessons so if you have questions about any section you can ask directly in it. She explains things very well and simple so it’s not super techy.

BEST FOR: Bloggers who don’t know HTML and CSS
NOT FOR: Anyone who has a good handle on HTML and CSS.


Make Video Magic – How to Edit Videos

Learn how to work on a timeline, cut footage, add titles and music and polish audio. He says you can get started with a smartphone and free editing software on your computer.  Also format, library for audio files, tempo, emotion, transitions, branding and making memorable videos. This looks awesome! NOTE: You will be sent the first video when you register and then you will be sent the following videos one per week.

BEST FOR: Anyone who uses video or might use video (which should be everyone)
NOT FOR: professional video makers?

The Athlete’s Edge

This ebook will teach you “how to stop stressing and start winning in your sport, business or life.” Covers: why you get anxious and underperform, why positive self-talk could be hurting you (What? How?) and how to perform at your peak under pressure.  I just read the intro and scanned some of it and I am so excited to read more.

BEST FOR: Everyone!
NOT FOR: … nope for everyone.

15 Day Google Analytics Challenge

This challenge is a beginner’s challenge on how to install and use Google Analytics (GA) and how to read the reports. NOTE: Currently only up to day 9 is available and the audio wasn’t good one at least one of the videos.

BEST FOR: Absolute beginners to GA.
NOT FOR: Anyone who already knows how to use GA and read the reports.

A Guide to Your Technical Blogging Frustrations

This large ebook covers the technical side of blogging. From the beginning steps like buying domains and getting self-hosted to html and changing header sizes to FTP and cPanel.

BEST FOR: Bloggers who struggle with the tech side of blogging.
NOT FOR: Businesses without blogs or techie bloggers.


Speaker One Sheet Design Templates

This will help you create a one-sheet to send to people when you are trying to get speaking gigs. Included is 8 variations of the template that you can customize, a Canva tutorial video, branding quiz, workbook with tips on getting booked to speak and resources.

BEST FOR: Anyone who speaks at events or wishes to speak at events.
NOT FOR: Those of us too shy to speak in public (ahem.. me.)

$37 Gift Certificate for PLR

PLR is pre written content you can use as is or edited for free (blog posts, social media, opt-in emails) or paid (ebook, course content) I’ve bought from Piggy Makes Bank before. Choose PLR from some of these topics: blogging, cooking, organization, email marketing, holidays, lifestyle. Available packs run from $5-$47 so you can get multiple packs, one $37 pack or pay extra and get a bigger pack.

BEST FOR: Any content creator that writes about those subjects.
NOT FOR: Anyone in a different niche.

How to Successfully Organize a Blog with Multiple Topics

This is marketing as a course but is really a PDF. I read the whole thing because I’ve been struggling with this issue on another one of my blogs. It’s never really had cohesion. Anyways it’s all about bloggers who want to post about multiple topics without it getting confusing or messy.

BEST FOR: Bloggers who want to or already do blog about many topics and feel confused.
NOT FOR: Niche blogs (blogs on one topic)


Monetization Tools and Tech

Course that involves videos and a little bit of text to teach monetization including: ads, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, selling time with you and includes information on SEO and marketing. The videos are slides with text, not a person talking FYI.

BEST FOR: Anyone new to monetizing or looking for other options from what they currently use.
NOT FOR: Anyone already making a good amount of money from their website or someone not interested in monetization.

Periscope for Entrepreneurs

All video course teaching you how to build a following on Periscope, start using live video, monetize and more. Includes a workbook and checklist. NOTE: I found it hard to navigate, just click around and you should be able to figure it out.

BEST FOR: Those new to Periscope or wondering if its for them.
NOT FOR: Those doing well on Periscope or who have no interest in it.

Books by David Anderson (Pitch Close Upsell Repeat, Business Bully, FB Live Bully, You Tube Bully and more)

List building strategies, sales strategies and social media strategies. There is 19 things to download and they are not all books. PDF, TXT, MP and one ZIP. Ranges from one TXT file that was one bunch of text (shorter than most blog posts) to ebooks with more than 60 pages. Lots of content on: branding, FB live, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, some other stuff, and even a Guide to Profiting from Pokemon Go for Local Businesses!

BEST FOR: Anyone on Social Media or who has a brand… so… everyone.
NOT FOR: .. I think everyone can find something here.

Bundle by Crystal Stine (Creative Basics, ebook Basics, Gift Guide Basics

Three ebooks on how to create nice looking social media images, create an ebook and how to create a gift guide.  The gift guide one is short but shows you how to create a gift guide that can be displayed as a interactive PDF. The making images one looks really good and shows how to make all kinds of images in Canva and Picmonkey mostly with a few other sites/apps thrown in. The ebook one is also short but covers the basics if you have been wanting to write an ebook (even a short one for an opt-in.)

BEST FOR: Anyone needing help/ideas with a Gift Guide, ebook or creating images.
NOT FOR: Graphic designers, ebook authors and those who don’t do gift guides or already make great ones.

Honest Bloggers Bundle

Includes: Printable Blogging Binder, Make Money Blogging ebook, How to Turn Your Blog Into a Six-Figure Money Making Machine, How to Work Less and Create Killer Content ebook, How to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically ebook and a How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant ebook. Let me just say, the Blog Planner is AMAZING. The most thorough one I’ve ever seen and OMG the Monthly and Yearly Review pages!

BEST FOR: Any blogger really
NOT FOR: Businesses without blogs.


Should You Start a Podcast

This course includes: Printable checklist for starting a podcast, should you start a podcast, walkthrough, tools, interviews and a roundtable discussion. It’s mostly videos and shouldn’t take you too long to get through.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in starting a podcast
NOT FOR: Anyone NOT interested.

3 Ways to Make Money with Amazon You Never Knew

I wouldn’t say I never knew all of them and there were 4 ways, not 3, but I did learn one new one. However I won’t be doing it.  This is not about affiliate marketing.

BEST FOR: People looking for a way to earn a little side money?
NOT FOR: Most people…

11 Ways to Profit from PreWritten Content

This is 5 credits to use for Niche Starter Packs (PLR) and an ebook on 11 Ways to Profit from PreWritten Content. The ebook is short but helpful and it includes a list of PLR sites. 5 credits gets you 5 starter packs (one at a time.)

BEST FOR: Anyone who creates content
NOT FOR: Someone who doesn’t create content.

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