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Blog Critique by Kathleen

You have been working hard on your blog and improving it every way you see fit. How do others see your blog though? Are you missing something that a pair of fresh eyes might catch? Perhaps a blog critique would help.

I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I’ve seen blogging change over that time. I try my best to keep current with what works and what doesn’t and I will give you the benefit of my experience.

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I will take at least a one HOUR tour of your blog, digging deep into your posts and pages and looking at 12 different things (fully listed below) that encompass parts of your design, content, SEO, layout, call to actions and monetization (if applicable)

I will be:

  1. thorough (you will get a full document of feedback)
  2. honest (I will be polite but I will be honest)
  3. helpful (if you don’t understand a suggestion or need help with where to go from here you can ask me questions one time for free and I will help you out)
  4. positive (I will tell you what you are doing right as well!)

I love critiquing blogs. I’ve given free advice to many bloggers over the years but this time I’m offering a much more comprehensive look at your blog.

Whether your blog is new or you have been blogging for years but you need some guidance on what you can do to improve your readers experience, I can help you out there. See below for what some people who received critiques thought about the feedback.

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Blog Critique

What do you get? Purchase of a blog critique includes a 1-hour plus visit of your blog with me diving into your posts and pages to give you feedback on 12 points:

  • Layout – Above the Fold
  • Layout – Menus
  • Layout – Categories/Tags
  • Layout  – Sidebar
  • Layout – Pages
  • Design – Images
  • Design – Usability
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Content – Writing Style
  • Content – Grammar/Spelling
  • Monetization (if applicable)
  • Call to Action – Conversion


See what these recipients of critiques had to say:

Kathleen gave a full critique of my blog and helped me find the areas that needed adjusting as well as areas of concern. After implementing her suggestions I immediately began to notice higher engagement levels with my readers. I’d highly recommend Kathleen to my blogging friends.The Cinnamon Hollow

I found Kathleen’s critique of my blog/website very useful. Many of her suggestions were things I was already considering and I now had the extra push to get to work on them. There were also several points that I had never even considered but have begun to make plans to address. I especially appreciated the comments about what she felt I was already doing well. I got so much more detail than I originally expected – I highly recommend it!Cheryl’s Child Care

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You will receive your critique between 1-3 weeks.

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Blog Critique by Kathleen