Blogathon Photo Fun

Blogathon Photo Fun

While you are busy working this weekend, consider taking a few moments of your time to take a photo and share it to social media using the #blogathon2 hashtag. Below are some daily themes if you want to use them. After you share, search for the hashtag to see what others have been posting and interact with them!


  • Please remember to include the #blogathon2 hashtag in all your blogathon related Instagram and twitter posts, whether it’s the theme of the day post or not. You are certainly not limited to one Instagram/Twitter Pic a day!
  • Consider finding time to search the hashtag and follow/like/comment/heart/reply to the share!

The Topics

Use these word topics as a jump start for your sharing. Interpret them however you want or share your own thing, or both. Feel free to share multiple times throughout the day!

Jun 23 (Friday) – Blogging Selfie

Jun 24 (Saturday) – What I’m Eating

Jun 25 (Sunday) – What I’m Doing

Jun 26 (Monday) – What’s Next