Blogathon Twitter Party Schedule

Blogathon Twitter Party Schedule

Blogathon Twitter Party Schedule

We love having twitter parties during the blogathon events to allow participants to connect, learn from each other, share knowledge and have fun!

Follow hashtag #blogathon2 during the party

Twitter Party Timeline

Chat Length: 60 minutes/1 hour

0-5 minutes – welcome/introductions/intro to topic/sponsor mention

5-45 minutes – topic chat – questions will be given to direct chat

45 minutes on – free chat

Note: Even during the topic chat, it’s okay to go off topic a bit or connect with someone but the free chat gives you more time to just chat about what’s on your mind. The chat officially ends at the 60 minute mark but feel free to stay longer and chat if you want.

Twitter Party Schedule

*Please note: all parties are 2pm EST and 9pm EST

Friday Jan 22 9 PM
Saturday Jan 23 2PM 9 PM
Sunday Jan 24 2PM 9 PM

 Times are in EST
2PM EST is 1PM CST, 12PM MST and 11AM PST
Use World Time Buddy if you live in a different timezone.

Twitter Party Help

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page under Twitter Parties for information on what a party is, what a hashtag is and how to join.

TIP: Do NOT wait till 5 minutes before the party starts to figure out what you will use to follow the party or make sure you can get into your twitter account or anything else. If you aren’t a regular tweeter, practice the different ways ahead of time, pick one, learn how to use it and make sure your tweeting works long before the parties start. TRUST ME.

Twitter Party Sponsors

Brandi Riley (@BrandiJeter) of Mama Knows it All and Courage to Earn is offering 6 copies of her Pitch Book called Pitch Session: The Blogger’s Guide to Pitching Partnerships, Collaborations and Sponsored Posts.

It’s a must for those working with brands or who wish to.

Twitter Party Sign Up

*twitter image credit (referral link – we both get 10 free credits if you signup for free account)

You must sign up here if you wish to win the prize. If you are not interested in the prize, you don’t have to sign up.