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Blogathon is Late But Here!

The Summer blogathon started about 12 hours ago. If you have been wondering where this post is, I apologize. I’ve been unwell.

This blogathon is a much smaller one than normal because of my health but I hope you still get lots done. Here is how things will work:

  1. There is no photo challenge this time around but feel free to share photos on social media with the hashtag #blogathon2 if you want.
  2. Twitter Parties are 2pm and 9pm EST starting tonight at 9pm. They will not have certain topics but will be a generic chat where you can ask questions. There IS twitter party prizes!
  3. Mini challenges will work differently. Tomorrow I will post how they will work.
  4. There are a few prizes and info on them and rafflecopter form will go up sometime tomorrow too.
  5. If you want to chat with other participants or ask questions, make sure you join the FB Group @Biannual Blogathon Bash

Please consider making a post on your blog sharing your participation and your to-do list and link it up here. This is NOT necessary if you want to win a prize and it’s also a way to invite others to visit you and tell others of the blogathon.

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Jan 2016 Day Three

The Blog Life Chose Me

IT’s day three already! Wow time has flown by. It’s the last 24 hours to get as much blogging in as you can. How have you been doing?



Last two twitter chats are today, this is your last two times to win a prize! 2pm and 9pm EST  – set an alarm!  Themes are Periscope and SEO.

I haven’t seen too many photos being shared! Check out the Blogathon Photo Fun challenge for some prompts.

You have until 12pm EST Monday Jan 25 to enter your entries into the giveaway form so don’t feel like you have to rush. But don’t forget either!


Alright, see you then!

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Jan 2016 Day Two

It’s been at least 24 hours since the blogathon started, have you joined in yet? Have you been productive? If you are just getting started today, make sure you check out Day One’s post (see top right sidebar).

This was my kids last night:


Don’t forget:

  1. Twitter Parties are 2pm and 9pm EST. Check the twitter party page for details on chat topics, prizes and RSVP.
  2. Blogathon Photo Fun Challenge – let’s see those photos! See the Photo Fun page for topic suggestions.
  3. Use #blogathon2 on any social media you post about the blogathon on!
  4. All the links you need are in the top right sidebar.
  5. Check out the mini challenges too!

If you are having trouble being productive, check out the posts I’ve written on productivity.


Don’t forget to schedule some time to visit other participants too!

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January 2016 Blogathon Kickoff

Woohoo here we are again! If you are joining us for the blogathon, welcome! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here.

What do you plan to get done this weekend?


Here’s your chance to set aside other things and instead work on that long to-do list related to blogging. Remember you can work on whatever you want as much as you want all weekend. But you’ll also want to make note of:

Photo Fun Challenge – share photos related to the themes on social media with our hashtag.

Twitter Party List – join us on twitter to chat about blogging topics and possibly win a prize!

Mini Challenges – Blogging how-tos with challenges attached to try, learn something new and gain another prize entry

List of Prizes and Entry Form – see what prizes can be won and find out how to enter to win them

Facebook Group – chat with us, share what you are working on, ask questions, join the fun!

Remember most of these links can be found at the top right sidebar. Links to other posts will be added as they are posted.


Have fun, drink water, be productive and don’t forget to mingle/network!

Kick Off Posts

If you are doing a kick off post, just post on your blog stating your participation in the blogathon (with hopefully a link back so others can join). You might also list some of your to-do list, goals etc.

You can come back and link it up here and then visit other people and network!

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It’s Day Three–You Made It!

Phew! It’s Day Three! Depending on how hard you’ve been working, you may be happy it’s almost over or sad it’s almost over. Either way, it’s the LAST DAY. You have until 8am tomorrow but unless you are staying up all night long, that’s mostly only for those overseas (*waving at those people*)

A Little Humour

So what happens today? The same things as yesterday. Twitter Parties, having fun, photo challenge, don’t forget to enter for prizes!

If you decide to do a wrap up post or edit your kick off post to say what you accomplished or how long you blogged for, you can link it up on this post. You will have until tomorrow at 12pm EST to finish entering the rafflecopter form. If you missed it yesterday, another prize was added!

Today we will have follow threads in the Facebook group so you can follow each other but please only link up if you will come back and get everyone!

So go off, be productive and when and if you get around to it, come link up a wrap up post below.

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