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Blogathon Kickoff Jun 2017

Okay guys HERE WE GO!


Welcome to the Blogathon!

Alright this is brand new for some of you and old hat to a lot of you (hello regulars!)

Important Notices/Reminders

  1. All the important  links you will need this weekend can be found in the TOP of the SIDEBAR to the right.
  2. Twitter Parties are 2 and 9pm EST – find out more, see twitter party prizes and sign up here: Twitter Party
  3. Share Photos with the Photo Challenge. Share on any social media with the hashtag. Find out more here: Photo Fun
  4. Prizes! – Check out the available prizes and check out the form to see what you can do for entries: Prize List
  5. An update will be posted here on the blog at 8am EST all weekend with a possibility of one more sometime in the evening each day. So check back.
  6. Please use the #blogathon2 hashtag on social media. Search the hashtag to see what other participants are up to.
  7. When you’re not actively working, check in the Facebook group for share threads (to share what you are working on), help for your questions, connect with other participants and more.

Highlighted Bloggers

New This Time

We want to help you guys get traffic from this event so we came up with this idea.  This is how it works.

The Blogathon Team will be watching to see who is active and participating in the Facebook Group and on Twitter throughout the event. We will pick bloggers to highlight over the weekend in different ways.  We might do any of these:

  1. Post a highlight to the Group introducing a blogger and their blog and sharing what we love about it and inviting others to check it out.
  2. Post a highlight to twitter doing the same as above ^
  3. Post a highlight to our Facebook pages doing the same as above ^
  4. Post a longer highlight to our BLOG.

When you see a highlighted blogger, please take a few moment to check them out! Perhaps read a post, leave a comment, follow them or share on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next!

Facebook LIVE in the Facebook Group!


Emily from My Adaptable Career says:

On Sunday at 7 pm Eastern time, I’ll show you how I plan my blogging work for the week. I’ll be streaming live, right in the Blogathon Facebook group. Join me, bring your planner, and plan out your week, too.

So exciting isn’t it? I hope to see you there!

So, What Do I Do Now?

I get this question a lot so I wanted to clarify. This weekend is YOUR time to do whatever is on YOUR blogging to-do list. This could be anything from writing blog posts to taking photos, creating recipes or crafts, sorting emails, writing a business plan or editorial calendar, promotion of your current posts, editing themes/headers/design, anything.

When you are taking a break from working, check in on social media to see what others are up to or see if you can help someone else. Try to visit other participants, comment on their posts or follow them on social media. None of that is required of course but that’s how you can make new blogging friends.

Set an alarm for the twitter parties if you will be joining us and the Facebook Live on Sunday so you don’t forget.

If you have any questions about anything you can check the FAQ and/or ask in the group or on twitter @blogathon2.

Kick Off!

If you want, do a post on your blog OR on any social media that’s public and link it below. A kick off post can be whatever you want but usually it includes something about you participating in the event, what your goals are and a link to the website or the signup page for others to find it if they want to join too.

It’s not required but doing a kick off post allows you to connect with other participants and gives you another chance to win prizes.

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Blogathon is Late But Here!

The Summer blogathon started about 12 hours ago. If you have been wondering where this post is, I apologize. I’ve been unwell.

This blogathon is a much smaller one than normal because of my health but I hope you still get lots done. Here is how things will work:

  1. There is no photo challenge this time around but feel free to share photos on social media with the hashtag #blogathon2 if you want.
  2. Twitter Parties are 2pm and 9pm EST starting tonight at 9pm. They will not have certain topics but will be a generic chat where you can ask questions. There IS twitter party prizes!
  3. Mini challenges will work differently. Tomorrow I will post how they will work.
  4. There are a few prizes and info on them and rafflecopter form will go up sometime tomorrow too.
  5. If you want to chat with other participants or ask questions, make sure you join the FB Group @Biannual Blogathon Bash

Please consider making a post on your blog sharing your participation and your to-do list and link it up here. This is NOT necessary if you want to win a prize and it’s also a way to invite others to visit you and tell others of the blogathon.

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Jan 2016 Day Three

The Blog Life Chose Me

IT’s day three already! Wow time has flown by. It’s the last 24 hours to get as much blogging in as you can. How have you been doing?



Last two twitter chats are today, this is your last two times to win a prize! 2pm and 9pm EST  – set an alarm!  Themes are Periscope and SEO.

I haven’t seen too many photos being shared! Check out the Blogathon Photo Fun challenge for some prompts.

You have until 12pm EST Monday Jan 25 to enter your entries into the giveaway form so don’t feel like you have to rush. But don’t forget either!


Alright, see you then!

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Jan 2016 Day Two

It’s been at least 24 hours since the blogathon started, have you joined in yet? Have you been productive? If you are just getting started today, make sure you check out Day One’s post (see top right sidebar).

This was my kids last night:


Don’t forget:

  1. Twitter Parties are 2pm and 9pm EST. Check the twitter party page for details on chat topics, prizes and RSVP.
  2. Blogathon Photo Fun Challenge – let’s see those photos! See the Photo Fun page for topic suggestions.
  3. Use #blogathon2 on any social media you post about the blogathon on!
  4. All the links you need are in the top right sidebar.
  5. Check out the mini challenges too!

If you are having trouble being productive, check out the posts I’ve written on productivity.


Don’t forget to schedule some time to visit other participants too!

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