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It’s not too late!

It’s not too late to join us for the Summer Biannual Blogathon Bash!

What is it?

It’s a free online blogging event so anyone around the world can participate! It’s a blogging marathon so you spend the weekend (as much time as you can) doing blogging tasks (writing posts, going through email, taking photos etc). You can also network through social media including our twitter parties, learn new blogging skills and WIN PRIZES!


July 15-18, 2016 8am EST Friday to 8am EST Monday.

How do I sign up?

Just go to the signup page and add yourself to the linky, it’s that simple! Check out this page for what to do after you signup and if you need more information first, check out the about page or the F.A.Q.bbb-logo-2-colour-sq-250

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The Winter Blogathon is Almost Upon Us


Cross Some Items Off Your Blogging To-Do List – join us for the third Biannual Blogathon Bash Jan 25-28. Work on your blog as much as you can that weekend with support, mini challenges, prizes and twitter parties.

There are lots of ways to participate!

  • Sign up to join the blogathon and work on your blog.
  • Host a mini challenge – If you have knowledge of a blogging topic and you could share what you know in a post and give the readers a small challenge to do this is perfect. Links to posts are technically due but I’d like more so if you can get the post started by Jan 23 (so you can give me the link) and then have it finished and scheduled for Jan 25, you can read more about mini challenges and signup.
  • Sponsor a Prize – Looking for prizes of interest to bloggers as well as generic ones like PayPal cash or amazon gift cards.
  • Can’t commit? Sign up to be a blog booster and offer words of encouragement to those who are participating. Good for those who can only spare a few minutes a day during the weekend.

Our mascot Dazzle wants you to join in!


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10 Signs You Need to Join The Blogathon #blogathon2

Do any of these sound like you? If so you should join the NEXT Biannual Blogathon Bash. It’s a twice annual blogging marathon that happens in January and June.

Check if signups are open and if they aren’t, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when they are again.

10 Reasons You Should Join the Blogathon - The Twice Annual Blogging Marathon

10 Reasons You Should Join the Blogathon

  1. Your blog still has the default Blogger or WordPress theme because you just haven’t gotten around to customizing it.You’ve been meaning to…
  2. Life keeps getting in the way of your blogging and you wish you had more time to get caught up.
  3. Your TO DO list is longer than Santa’s list.
  4. You want to start a [insert social media profile here] account for your blog but you aren’t sure how or what the best way to do it is.
  5. You have a blogging question but you don’t know who to ask.
  6. You want to connect with other bloggers in all types of niches and in different parts of the world.
  7. You want to attend a blogger’s conference or blogger’s retreat but haven’t been able to because of travel costs.
  8. If only you had time to write more than post at a time you could schedule ahead.
  9. You want an excuse to work on your blog without feeling guilty.
  10. You want to try to win prizes!

The blogathon is a fun way to get things done on your blogging to-do list, make new friends, learn new blogging skills and enter to win blogging related prizes all at once! Hope to see you there!

Here’s a video recap of the reasons.

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Blogathon Prep Series #4–Preparing You and Your Area

Blogathon Prep Series

Blogathon Prep Series - Preparing You and Your Area

Having participated in readathons and other blogging marathons plus ran and participated in the last blogathon has given me some ideas on what one could do to prepare for our blogathon. I’ll be sharing those ideas this week.

Preparing You

Knowing what you want to work on and arranging childcare won’t matter if you are not mentally or physically ready to work.

First a question:

What do you wear when you blog at home?

  1. Regular “Street” Clothes
  2. Pyjamas
  3. Work Attire

There isn’t necessarily a correct answer to that but keep in mind that you want to be comfortable enough to sit for a long period of time (so those tight jeans or work skirt and heels might be out) but not so comfortable you just want to sleep or play on Facebook all day (so sweatpants and pyjamas are not a good idea.)

Make sure what you want to wear is clean – the clothes that fit right and are just the right amount of comfortable.

What else you might want to do:

  • Have a nice relaxing and also invigorating shower
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Preparing Your Area

We already covered cutting down on the clutter and if you haven’t cleaned up a bit, make some time, trust me. Other than that though, there are a few others things you should consider. Below are some suggestions, use what’s right for you.

  1. Keep a notepad and pen/pencil and other office supplies nearby.
  2. Keep a water bottle near by to stay hydrated and keep your mind sharp.
  3. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Borrow a lamp if you don’t.
  4. If you will be tackling reviews, have the products or books you are reviewing nearby to reference while you write.
  5. Keep your to do list nearby
  6. Close whatever windows are not needed on your computer.
  7. Close your email program or set certain times to check it.
  8. Commit to only checking facebook for blogging reasons (Biannual Blogathon Bash FB Group or other FB group to exchange comments or ask questions.) Checking FB multiple times is very distracting.
  9. If you don’t have a twitter account, get one. Trust me you should have one and that way you can join in our twitter talk and twitter parties. Need help?
  10. Open up your favourite twitter program to keep track of the #blogathon2 talk (TweetChat, Tweet Grid etc.)
  11. If you work better with music, figure out what you will play and how (MP3, computer, TV, radio etc.) Get it set up.
  12. Turn off distractions (music if it distracts you, TV, cell phone even.)
  13. Speaking of distractions, does your computer desk/place face a window? Close the blinds or curtains or face a different way. An open window or door is very distracting.
  14. Keep checking back on the blog or subscribe to see what’s coming up.

That’s It for the Prep Series But Check Back Today for More Posts

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