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Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day #TeddytoWork

Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work or School Day is the second Wednesday in October which for 2015 is today!

Snap a photo of your Teddy bear at your computer, in your office, or wherever you blog, post it on your blog or on social media and link up below! Don’t forget the hashtag #TeddytoWork !!!

Consider visiting some blog posts or social media posts below and give them some love, but it’s all optional!

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Recess at Work Day

Today is Recess at Work Day and for bloggers, most of whom work at home, it can be easy to take a recess instead of doing the work we are supposed to be doing.

So I asked a bunch of bloggers, what fun things do they do when they are supposed to be blogging? Today is the day you are ALLOWED to do those things!

What Bloggers Do Instead of Blogging

So slack off today, put aside whatever you were going to do because it’s Recess at Work Day!


Thanks to these bloggers for weighing in:

Frugal Mom Eh

Journeys of the Zoo

Whispered Inspirations

Home of OHM

Merry About Town

Tales of Mommyhood

Not Quite a Handful

Born 2 Be Mom

Multitesting Mommy

Raising my Boys

The Bewitchin Kitchen

Mommy Knowz

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If Santa Had a Blog… What Would He Post About?

If Santa Had a Blog

If Santa Had a Blog... What Would He Post About? | Biannual Blogathon Bash

If Santa had a blog, what sort of posts would be be writing about? I asked some bloggers to give me some potential post titles that Santa himself might be planning to post about on his blog. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Fat Free Cookies? Ain’t No Belly Got Time For That!
  • Buck Dynasty
  • Why Miley Cyrus is on the Naughty List this Year
  • 10 Tips To A Better Picture With Me
  • News Flash: Elf on a Shelf Does NOT Report To Me
  • My Wife STILL Gets Upset When I’m Out All Night
  • How To Become A Competitive Eater: {ie. 1. Pick a favorite to specialize in. Or I’d suggest starting with cookies.}
  • Craft-A-Day Calendar: {ie. 364 ways to avoid being bored.}
  • RED: Why It Should Be Everyone’s Favorite Color: {ie. Don’t be afraid to be a man, or woman, with style.}
  • Managing the Happiness of Elves
  • How to Stay Jolly While Living at the North Pole
  • 10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Fruitcake
  • 10 Different Outfits From One Red and White Jumpsuit (for his fashion blog)
  • What I’ve Found in My Beard
  • Time Management Tips: How to Appear Everywhere at Once
  • 7 Tips to Speed-Reading: How I Learned to Check the List Twice in Half the Time
  • Elf Shoes: How To Keep Your Elves Smiling Anyway
  • An Open Letter to the Music World: Stop Already, We Have Enough Christmas Songs.

Thanks to the following bloggers: Tales From The Nursery, Sunshine and Sippy Cups, Keenly Kristin, Roasted Beanz, Soup 2 Nuts.

Which One Is Your Favourite? Do You Have One To Add?

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Kids Say The Darndest Things… About Blogging


Kids Say the Darndest Things... About Blogging - real quotes from kids! | Biannual Blogathon Bash

After the latest exchange with one of my daughters about blogging, I wondered if other children had said funny things to their parents about blogging. I asked a bunch of my fellow bloggers if their children had said anything funny about their blogging. My exchange with my oldest daughter is below followed by funny quips from other blogger’s children.

My 7 year old Morgan: Whatcha doing?
Me: Blogging
Morgan: About what?
Me: Video games at the moment
Morgan: Did you do the video yet (she is referring to Turbo which we had just watched after receiving for review)
Me: Nope not yet.
Morgan: Well you should do that next.

About Being Blogged About

The other day Rissa said “Stop crying Xander, I’m blogging about you.” – Tales from the Nursery

“Oh Mom, you’re NOT going to blog about me again, are you?”  – Mommy Juiced

My two year old was looking over my shoulder at one of the photos I was uploading onto a post and pointed at herself saying – “I sooooo cute, mama. My bwog??”  – Baby Stylista

“Yay I made the team ! ” looks at me slowly ” you aren’t going to blog /tweet about it, are you?” – Tales of a Ranting Ginger

“Can you tweet this picture of me to Facebook??” “You’re going to blog this, right?” “Mommy, do you need me to pose for the blog post pictures?”  – Raising My Boys

About The Deliveries

“Mommy, is the Fed Ex guy sick? He did not come today so I hope he does not have a tummy ache” – 5 year old Jane  – Mommy Moment

“You got ANOTHER package? Is that for your computer work? Awwwww! NO FAIR!…..” (meanwhile inside the package was the Disney Blu-Ray “Turbo”…for 7-year-old X-Man! lol). – Canadian Blog House

My son says to my hubby “Daddy that man came today and gave mommy his package. He comes a lot. His package is Mommy’s work”. The Knit Whit by Shair

My 4 yr old every time a delivery comes: “What did your blog get for me ?” – Tales of a Ranting Ginger

My 4 year old daughter, loves to scream ”Mommy UPS is here!” just to fool around. Of course I come running each time just in case it’s true. – The DIY Dreamer

Olivia’s friend was over the other day and on the fourth delivery she looked at me confused and was all “Um, So…. Do you just shop all day?” and after explaining… “I think Olivia gets too many things in the mail”.  – Frugal Edmonton Mama

About Photography

“Can we eat it ? Or do you have to take a pic for your blog first ?”- Tales of a Ranting Ginger

My 5 year old after he got into a box of mine “don’t worry mom I already took the pictures for you” and he had on his Showcam lol – Mommy Knowz

My six year old, handing me her kiddie camera, which is full of photos of her stuffed dolls: “I need you to download the pictures off of here… And, I give you permission, you can use them ALL on your blog.”- Maple Leaf Mommy

My kids are used to me taking pictures of dinner just in case it comes out good enough to blog about. If they like it and didn’t see me take a picture, they tell me I need to put it on my blog – Mom’s Small Victories

Future Bloggers

6 yo “I want to be a food blogger SO I GET ALL THE FOOD!” — maybe a side effect of waiting for pictures before eating? – Shannon’s View From Here

“I’m working like you Mom. I gotta take picture first, don’t open yet.” As she points to a box. Then frantically types on her play laptop and uses her camera to take pics of plastic food from her kitchen. Mimi (3 1/2) Whispered Inspirations

How They View Blogging

My 12 year old daughter to a friend one day (yes I eavesdropped lol) yeah my mom is a blogger it’s cool she gets free stuff all the time only it’s not really free because she says she works for it but I get some fun free stuff like wii games and stuff so it’s still pretty cool.  – Powered By Mom

My then 7 year-old to her teacher when she asked where she got Beanitos in her lunch. “Oh my Mom is a blogger. She gets stuff for free.” She then proceeded to show her teacher my site on her teacher’s computer by typing it in Google. *facepalm*  – Whispered Inspirations (and Gabby (Now 9) has her own blog: Always Gabby)

Overheard my 7 yr old telling friend “My Mama’s famous…not like Oprah famous but like people know her”  – Sober Julie


I’ve caught my kids hollering at each other, don’t touch that mom needs to put it on her blog! Randomly, about anything and everything. – Holy Splendor

My son constantly tells me “Go Post on your blog, Mom” so he can have alone time with his dad.  – Bargains With Brittanie

I told my kids we were going to a party last year before Christmas and my oldest responded with ‘what kind of party? a twitter party?  – Moms Vs The Boys (Read The Blog Post)

“Hey Mom my class needs new computers, can you blog for them?” – Sober Julie

My 8-year old son when he found out we received a new tablet: “Mommy, did you blog for it?”  – SnyMed

If You Are a Blogger, Do You Have a Funny Story To Add?

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