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Skyrocket Your Pageviews Ebook

Skyrocket Your Pageviews

Are you looking for ways to skyrocket your pageviews on your blog? Stuck at a certain traffic number?

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I recently bought an ebook from the #LearnToBlog gang (Kelli Miller & Crystal VanTassel-Lopez) called Skyrocket Blog Pageviews Using Google Analytics. I’ve been following the tasks in it to make small changes to my blogs to help increase the pageviews.


Skyrocket Your Pageviews

The book has 30 actionable tasks designed to take the knowledge you can find in your Google Analytics account and apply simple changes to your blog to keep your readers on your site. If Google Analytics has been confusing for you or you know how to understand the data but you don’t know what to do with the data, this book is up your alley.

I taught myself how to use Google Analytics and I definitely know how to use it more than the average blogger so I figured I might not learn much but I’m learning new ideas I haven’t thought of in my 10+ years of blogging. If I’M learning something, then YOU’LL learn something.

The authors of Skyrocket Your Pageviews have more than a million pageviews so they know what they are talking about. If you are struggling with getting readers to stay on your site and view more than one post, this book will help you with that.

The book will help make sure you have the perfect settings set in Google Analytics to get the most data, how to grow your social channels, improve your site layout and grow your readership of course.

UPDATE April 2016 – I’ve been working through this book with a group of others and it’s too early to see results but I’ve been finding the tasks an easy quick task that I can fit into my day. Have you ever wondered how to update old posts for SEO and Pinterest when there are so many? Using the methods from this book you will know just which ones to update first.

The book currently retails at $19.99 which is about 66 cents per task!

Learn More or Buy Now

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Blog Resources for 2016

Use These 6 Blog Resources (Free and Paid)

At the end of December a lot of people offer ebooks, ecourses and other things for cheaper in preparation for the new year. Here are the blog resources (free and paid) that I am using in 2016.

Blog Resources

Use These 6 Blog Resources

2016 Ultimate Pinterest Planner – from Simple Pin Media (FREE)

This really is the ultimate Pinterest planner and you can get it free. I printed it out and put it in my blogging binder and I will be using it to ROCK Pinterest in 2016.

Book Blog ARC Tracker – from Book Bumblings (PAID)

This Tracker is a spreadsheet designed for book bloggers to keep track of ARCs and other books for review and when you have reviewed them, promoted them and everything else. I hope it will help keep me organized for my SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews blog.

Lead Magnet Challenge Package – from Candidly Jules (PAID)

I am ready to up my email list game and I hope this package from Candidly Jules will help me do just that. The package has every email, worksheet, video and such from her 8 day challenge that she hosted in December.  It includes making a lead magnet, choosing its’ format, creating opt-ins, branding, creating ebooks and more.

Facebook Group Post Planner (FREE)

Someone was sharing this in a Facebook group so I downloaded it. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it but thought I’d share it here.

The Business Brainstorming Workbook from Little Eternities (FREE)

If you are getting serious about your blog as a business, this workbook should help sort out your thoughts and get to business.

The Epic Free Blog Planner from Create if Writing (FREE)

This amazing planner is about the past and how you will improve in the future. You can mark down your stats, where you traffic comes from, how your email list was doing and SO MUCH MORE. I highly recommend this one.

I hope these blog resources help you out.


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Blogger Tool: Gleam

Blogger Tool: Gleam

I am guessing that if you are reading this, you are a blogger. That also tells me, you are reading this because you either have heard of Gleam and are curious what it is or how it works; or you are curious if this new ‘thing’ (e.g. Gleam) is something that could benefit you or your blog. Let me introduce you to Gleam.

Introducing You to the Blogger Tool: Gleam


As a blogger who offers giveaways and a person who enters giveaways; I have found Gleam to be my favorite entry form.

As a blogger who offers giveaways… I feel it is a little time consuming to initially set up, but if you use the same entries over and over, you can copy the entries and make the necessary changes without redoing the entire form. (This is the same for any entry form I have used in the past.) Note, I said time consuming; not difficult, because it really is easy to set up. The set up reminds me of multiple choice. There are multiple choices for entries that you can choose, fill in the information necessary for that entry, and you’re done. One of the nice things I like about Gleam is that an entrant can ‘sign in’ using Facebook, Twitter, or their email. You can also have them input their birth date, making sure they are old enough to be entering your giveaway. In addition to different entry options, it also has templates set up for giveaways related to different social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

As a person who enters giveaways… I like to log in via my Twitter. Once I’m logged in, entering is a piece of cake and takes much less time than any other entry form I have used to enter a giveaway. For visiting a Facebook page, you do have to click it and it takes you to the Facebook page. Once you authorize Twitter and Instagram, all you have to do is click the entry button and it will automatically follow without having to leave the blog post. Tweeting a tweet for an entry is just as easy. One click of a button and done. I have to tell you, as a person entering giveaways using Gleam, I have become a little spoiled and actually get frustrated with the extra steps of copy/pasting my information while entering!


Have you ever gone onto one of your favorite blogs or another website and that box pops up, prompting you to subscribe via email or like their Facebook page? That, my friends, is called a capture. Gleam’s capture feature is in beta, but I have been using it for a couple weeks. I started using it after hearing many bloggers share how their subscribers increased after installing a capture; but let me tell you, finding a capture that was a good fit for me and my blog were not easy to come by! There are different captures, different layouts, different capture locations – too many decisions! I had tried a couple and wasn’t satisfied with how they look or how they acted. I ended up trying a few different options on Gleam and finally found one that fits perfectly for me and my blog. I was able to personalize it with my logo. I was able to set it up to capture what I wanted. I was able to place it where I wanted. It does what I wanted. (Mine is set up to pop up in the lower right hand corner so it does not take up the entire blog page and frustrate people. It is easily exited out of, and once you subscribe, it doesn’t return.) All in all, I have been extremely pleased using Gleam. Gleam is definitely at the top of my ‘must have blogger tools’ list!

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You Do NOT Want to Miss This Deal

Amazing Cyber Monday Deal BC Stack

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Cyber Monday is the PERFECT time to snag blogging and social media products for great prices. I bought a few things last year and this year I’ll be buying BC Stack which is an unbelievable 60 products with a retail value of over $2000 for only $27!!!

The sale will last 4 days but you want to take advantage of it on Cyber Monday if you can for a chance at EXTRAS! This deal starts December 1 12am EST.


There is just SO much to take advantage of. I like to help bloggers, especially those who blog professionally or want to but I don’t claim to be an expert. That’s what sets this blog apart from some of the other blogs about blogging. I share what I know but I love to learn from others too. I love running free blogging events so we can all learn together. I am so excited to take advantage of this offer so I can learn EVEN MORE.

With BC Stack I’m going to learn:

  • How to Podcast
  • Profitable Niche Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Methods
  • How to Create Products
  • Monetizing My Site
  • Email Marketing
  • Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas
  • Using Google Hangouts for Webcasting
  • How to Get on TV
  • Blogging to Speaking
  • How to Hire Help
  • Google Analytics
  • + MORE
  • + Unannounced Bonuses
  • + A Chance to win tickets to conferences (Cyber Monday Purchases Only)

Don’t you want to learn with me? Remember BC Stack is ONLY $27!



Need To Read More?

Do you hold yourself back from success? Are there excuses in your mind about the things you should be doing? Do you wish for more time? Energy? Resources? Knowledge? Don’t hold yourself back. Sometimes the only hurdle between us and success is ourselves. What if you could kickstart your entrepreneurial spirit into overdrive? Here’s how. The BC Stack is unlike any other bundle of information that has ever been created simply because it is bursting with tools, webinars, training, courses, information, and hands on products that will enable you to create the business that you’ve dreamed about.

Have you wondered about podcasting? Learn from John Lee Dumas, the creator of Entrepreneur on Fire which has had over 5 millions downloads. What about being successful in video? The BC Stack has exclusive products developed by Derral Eves – the brain behind the hyper successful group The Piano Guys. Have you wondered how to make your Facebook page work but don’t want to spend money? Learn about super awesome organic growth from Holly Homer, the founder of the QuirkyMomma Facebook page – the page that grew from 50k fans to over 1Million fans in under a year.

That’s just a glimpse of the awesome that you’ll get in the BC Stack – bursting with 60 products that are designed to break through all of those places that keep so many stuck. Don’t hold yourself back any longer. The real difference between those that make it and those that don’t is the drive to persist, to push through, to learn, and to invest in their business.  – BC Stack

You do NOT want to miss out on this deal!

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