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Managing Time Effectively – Are You?

Managing Time Effectively

Are you managing time effectively? Raise your hand if you spend too much “work time” checking Facebook, scrolling through Pinterest or spending many, many hours on research?

**raises hand**

Yep, we all do it. It can be all too easy to spend your X hours of work time getting nothing good done. The solution isn’t to work MORE hours, it’s to manage the time you DO work more effectively.

Managing Time Effectively

Managing Time Effectively

So how do you manage your time better? There are different suggestions and they won’t all work for everyone so try them out and figure out what works for you. I mean ACTUALLY try them. Even I’ve been guilty before of “trying out” a time management technique and dismissing it as not working when I really didn’t put my all into it.

Make A Plan And Break It Down

How you plan doesn’t matter as long as you plan. Use a bullet journal, Trello, Google Calendar, or a date book. What do you want to get accomplished and how often? Make a list for tasks that need to be done daily or weekly. Put them in page protectors and use a dry erase marker to check them off every day or week. Plan out your next 90 days including what topics you want to post about, products you want to make, etc.

Daily tasks might include social media but don’t just put DAILY: Facebook. You need to specify what you will do on that social media platform and how long you will do it for. So instead it should be DAILY: Schedule 5 updates to my Facebook page, Check in my favourite Facebook Groups and respond to at least 3 posts each and check my Facebook page for comments I need to respond to.

If you are working on an ebook or digital course or blog post series, write out all the steps you need to do and WHEN you want to do them by.

Knowing what you should be working on, when and for how long will help a lot.

Using To-Do Lists

Again there are different ways to use to-do lists. Try them out and see what works best. Hand written, in a blogging notebook, digital to-do lists, Trello, smartphone apps or whiteboards in your office. Find one you will actually use.

You also might want to set rewards for getting things done. Obviously getting new traffic and earning more money is a reward in itself but sometimes those rewards take time. Most people like small little rewards along the way to keep them going.

  1. Finish the post and you can go for coffee.
  2. Finish the ebook and you can go get your nails done.
  3. Finish social media scheduling and you can Netflix and Chill.

Set a Schedule and Stick to It

A common productivity mistake is sitting down to work with the idea that you will be done working when you finish. When I do that, I end up going to bed at 3am because I can’t keep my eyes open anymore and no – I didn’t finish.

If you know you have 2 hours to work on a post, you will get that post done in 2 hours. If you have to finish that post before you can relax for the evening, then guess what? You will be working on it all night and never have time to relax. TRUST ME!

Set a schedule, use a timer and get things done. Take breaks after periods of intense work. Your eyes, hands and back need a break! Don’t forget to drink water and have a good snack. Walk around a bit, stretch out your back and then you can move on to your next task.

It doesn’t matter how many hours a day you work or if you work in the morning, afternoon or evening. But try to be consistent and give yourself time limits for each task.

Just remember, managing time effectively doesn’t mean that you spend so much time on making your schedule that you forget to just do it.

Final Thoughts

Time management isn’t a one and done thing. There are different ways to handle things because everyone is different. If a schedule or way to keep organized isn’t working, try a new one.  Spend more time on what will bring you traffic and profit and less time on the extras that are fun but don’t really bring you from point A to point B.

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The Key to Productivity

The Key to Productivity

The Trick to Productivity is just to actually DO it.

This sounds like a duh but seriously, how many times do you…

  • read about doing something
  • think about doing something
  • plan to do something
  • write something on your to-do list
  • try to do something while doing something else
  • do something else before doing IT
  • wonder if you should be doing IT

I find I get so much more done when I stop procrastinating and just DO it. It’s hard though! No I don’t need a snack first, or to adjust my music first, or plan a certain day to do it. Just DO IT.

Productivity Quote

That quote is good except for where it says intelligent planning. I don’t think too much planning is needed for productivity. When I REALLY clean my house or write a post, I don’t plan it. I just do it. When you need to do something and you find yourself thinking about it too much, remember Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It.”

Stay off Facebook and Twitter, stop rearranging your papers, getting a snack or talking to your family for just ONE hour and see how productive you can be.

Did you know that today, June 20 is World Productivity Day?

If you need some more tips on productivity I’ve written about it before including ways of blocking out distractions and tips like that. But even with those tips, ultimately, JUST DO IT!

I guess I’m just one of these people who, when I decide I’m going to do something, I just do it.

Tom Ford

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5 Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

I’m still learning what works so I’m no pro at this by any means. So instead of focusing on one specific thing, I decided to give you some general time saving tips.

5 Time Saving Tips for Bloggers

Eliminate Distractions

There is nothing worse than when you sit down to write and you get a sentence out and you are starting to get in the groove only to have someone come in the room to ask you a question, the phone rings, someone is knocking on the door or your stomach grumbles. Before you get down to work, tell everyone it’s your work hours and they are not to disturb you. Let them get the phone and door and gave a snack and bathroom break first. Distractions take away time.

Do Like Tasks Together

Instead of doing an activity, taking photos, writing a post, editing photos, finalizing the post and then hitting publish/schedule and then starting all over, do all similar tasks at the same time.  When I first heard this tip I didn’t think it mattered but when I actually tried it, I could see that it really did help. Taking all my photos at once meant connecting the cord only once to my computer. Editing all of them at the same time meant opening my photo editing program once. Writing posts all at once meant I kept in my groove and churned them out faster.

Be Organized

This probably sounds like an obvious one but it’s NOT easy, at least for me. I have lost count of all the times I’ve tried a new organization system but as I finally get close to what works for me and fine tune the system, I get closer to taking less time to do tasks. I now have my own office which really helps as I can arrange things in the way that makes sense to me. I have charts beside me with fairly current social media stats so when I’m asked for it, I don’t have to open each site again to find out. Even keeping your desk clean can really increase your productivity as you don’t have to waste time looking for that paper or pen.

Have a Plan

If you have to waste time thinking up blog post ideas when you are sitting down to write, you will be wasting a lot of time. Using an editorial calendar or other type of plan will save you time because you will already know what you are writing when you sit down. There are lots of versions of editorial calendars or blog plans and again you will have to try them out to see which one best suits you but once you have found that format, you will be saving time.


Some bloggers do everything themselves while others have team members or co bloggers who do tasks too. Some bloggers do most of it themselves but hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to do certain daily or weekly tasks, thereby allowing the blogger to save time for post writing. If you aren’t doing absolutely everything yourself, take time to make sure you are delegating tasks properly. Use your team.

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How To Succeed as a Pro Blogger

How to Succeed as a Pro Blogger

When you decide to make the move from hobby blogging to pro blogging you may find you need to make some changes in how you do things to succeed, especially if you are having trouble succeeding as a home business.

How to Succeed as a Pro Blogger

A hobby is an activity you do on the side, for fun. A hobby blog is a blog you work on in your free time. It may or may not generate an income but it’s not a full time job and doesn’t produce a full time income. A hobby blog can be a really well written blog with a large audience if it’s done right but the blogger treats it more as a leisure time activity than a job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a hobby blog, but if you want to be a professional blogger and either turn your hobby blog into a profession or start a new professional blog, you might find it easier if you make some changes.

How To Succeed as a Pro Blogger

Take It Seriously

What do your friends and family know of and think of your blogging? Some people still don’t really get blogging and might take your interest in it lightly. This isn’t as big of a deal if you have a hobby blog. If you want your blogging to be your business though, you need to take your blogging seriously and help others to take it seriously too.

When the topic of blogging comes up with someone, how do you describe it? How do you describe your blog? Don’t make jokes about blogging to non bloggers. Save those for your fellow bloggers who will understand the joke. Talk about blogging when someone asks what you do for a living. I’m not a stay at home mom who blogs. I’m a work at home mom or I run my own website.

If blogging is your job, than it’s just as important as any other job you may have owned.

Dress for Success

There is no right or wrong type of clothing to blog in but what works for one person might not work for another. Also if you are switching from hobby blogging to pro blogging, what worked as a hobby blogger might not work for your anymore. Some people can get business-like wearing anything, even bunny pajamas, while others need a full business suit to be productive. If you are having trouble succeeding and especially staying focus and on task, try changing what you wear to blog.

Even if you blog in your regular every day wear, you can get yourself in the business frame of mind more by taking the time to freshen up in the bathroom and add shoes. Do your hair, put on makeup if that’s your thing and dress to shoes. You might just find it helps you be more productive. When you are done your work for the day, you can kick off your shoes, let down your hair and then your mind will know work time is done.

After polling 27 bloggers I found that 13 work in everyday attire while 14 work in pajamas/loungewear. No one said they work in business attire. This is just a very small sampling of course.

If you are successfully staying on task while you work and succeeding in your blog business in the clothes you wear now than there is nothing wrong with that. However if you are having trouble with success, perhaps try something new.

Follow a Schedule

A problogger really needs some sort of schedule. What type of schedule you have will be determined by your other commitments in the day and the way you work best. If you do your best work in the morning, schedule your blogging time for the morning. When can you focus more, when the kids are at school or after they all go to bed?

If you find it hard to schedule certain times of the day for things (for example you have to work around a baby that doesn’t have a set schedule yet) than schedule certain days of the week for certain tasks. As an example perhaps you write posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, schedule social media on Thursdays and work on post promo on Tuesdays. You will also want to have an editorial calendar to plan out your content.

The reason to have a schedule is so that you can’t just postpone something because you don’t feel like working. A business is only successful if the employees and the management actually do the work that needs to be done. Without a schedule, it becomes to easy to take a day off which turns into a few days and all of a sudden it’s been a week and then a month since you posted. A professional bloggers needs to post regularly enough that the readership he or she has built up doesn’t forget about them. When you are working on your schedule, don’t forget breaks for meals and down time (TV, reading or playing games.)

Be Authentic

This is VERY important. Think of what makes you trust someone else as a friend, a resource, a human. What makes you believe in a person or a business or a blog/website? They are trustworthy because they don’t pretend to be something they are not. They are authentic, they are their true self.

For more great information on blogging, business and working at home, I’m sharing a few ideas from my favorite bloggers:

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