Day Two Evening Update

Join the Biannual Blogathon Bash

Hello all. Hope you’re doing okay. If you are participating in the blogathon and haven’t done the following please consider it so we know you are participating and can encourage you!

  1. Done a Kick off Post and added it here
  2. Joined a twitter party
  3. Interacted in the Facebook Group

You’re missing out on a lot of fun!


GIFs are fun!

Anyways, just a reminder to enter for prizes, check out the mini challenges and join us in the group at 7pm EST TOMORROW for a Facebook Live with Emily.

Anyways go forth and create blog posts and all that.

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June 2017 Update 2

Good Morning (North America) and Good Afternoon or Good Evening everywhere else.  If you started yesterday you know the drill. If you weren’t able to start till today or you just joined, please make sure to check out Update 1 from yesterday so I don’t have to repeat everything.

Today’s Twitter Chats:

2pm EST – Affiliates and 9pm EST Email Marketing

Today’s Photo Fun Prompt:

What I’m Eating

How Do You Feel?

Is your computer working okay? If not you might be feeling this:


Or is everything A-OK and you are ready for a working frenzy?



Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to start?


Let me know which it is in the comments!


There WILL be another update around 7 or 8 pm EST tonight!

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Blogathon Kickoff Jun 2017

Okay guys HERE WE GO!


Welcome to the Blogathon!

Alright this is brand new for some of you and old hat to a lot of you (hello regulars!)

Important Notices/Reminders

  1. All the important  links you will need this weekend can be found in the TOP of the SIDEBAR to the right.
  2. Twitter Parties are 2 and 9pm EST – find out more, see twitter party prizes and sign up here: Twitter Party
  3. Share Photos with the Photo Challenge. Share on any social media with the hashtag. Find out more here: Photo Fun
  4. Prizes! – Check out the available prizes and check out the form to see what you can do for entries: Prize List
  5. An update will be posted here on the blog at 8am EST all weekend with a possibility of one more sometime in the evening each day. So check back.
  6. Please use the #blogathon2 hashtag on social media. Search the hashtag to see what other participants are up to.
  7. When you’re not actively working, check in the Facebook group for share threads (to share what you are working on), help for your questions, connect with other participants and more.

Highlighted Bloggers

New This Time

We want to help you guys get traffic from this event so we came up with this idea.  This is how it works.

The Blogathon Team will be watching to see who is active and participating in the Facebook Group and on Twitter throughout the event. We will pick bloggers to highlight over the weekend in different ways.  We might do any of these:

  1. Post a highlight to the Group introducing a blogger and their blog and sharing what we love about it and inviting others to check it out.
  2. Post a highlight to twitter doing the same as above ^
  3. Post a highlight to our Facebook pages doing the same as above ^
  4. Post a longer highlight to our BLOG.

When you see a highlighted blogger, please take a few moment to check them out! Perhaps read a post, leave a comment, follow them or share on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next!

Facebook LIVE in the Facebook Group!


Emily from My Adaptable Career says:

On Sunday at 7 pm Eastern time, I’ll show you how I plan my blogging work for the week. I’ll be streaming live, right in the Blogathon Facebook group. Join me, bring your planner, and plan out your week, too.

So exciting isn’t it? I hope to see you there!

So, What Do I Do Now?

I get this question a lot so I wanted to clarify. This weekend is YOUR time to do whatever is on YOUR blogging to-do list. This could be anything from writing blog posts to taking photos, creating recipes or crafts, sorting emails, writing a business plan or editorial calendar, promotion of your current posts, editing themes/headers/design, anything.

When you are taking a break from working, check in on social media to see what others are up to or see if you can help someone else. Try to visit other participants, comment on their posts or follow them on social media. None of that is required of course but that’s how you can make new blogging friends.

Set an alarm for the twitter parties if you will be joining us and the Facebook Live on Sunday so you don’t forget.

If you have any questions about anything you can check the FAQ and/or ask in the group or on twitter @blogathon2.

Kick Off!

If you want, do a post on your blog OR on any social media that’s public and link it below. A kick off post can be whatever you want but usually it includes something about you participating in the event, what your goals are and a link to the website or the signup page for others to find it if they want to join too.

It’s not required but doing a kick off post allows you to connect with other participants and gives you another chance to win prizes.

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How to Easily Make Videos

How to Easily Make Videos to Post On Your Blog or Share on Social Media Using Lumen5

Have you ever wanted to easily make videos to add to your blog posts or share on social media or add to YouTube? I discovered a cool tool called Lumen5 which allows you to easily do this for FREE. You can take a blog post you already have and convert it into a video.

I’m going to show you how it works so you can make cool videos too. But first, here is a video I made in less than 20 minutes with Lumen 5:

Easily Make Videos Like This One (how-to below)

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5

How to Easily Make Videos

Go to and enter the URL of a blog post you would like to convert into a video.  Click Create!

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 1

Once it processes (which doesn’t take long) you will be at the Build Story section. Here it has taken the main points of your blog post and displays them on the left and then you can move them over to the right or add in sections you might need to make it work. It will display the current video length on the top right. Edit the text if needed but for the most part you should be able to take the parts of your blog post and just add them with one click to the right.

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 2

When your story is the way you want it, you will move on to the Add Media section. This is the most fun part in my opinion. You can choose from TONS of stock photos that are free to use as well as any images from your blog post to use as a background to each slide. Backgrounds are put in automatically but you can change as needed.

On the left will be suggested images based on keywords it takes from your post but you can search for something if it is not what you want. Just drag and drop. You should know that the images are not static meaning they will move during your video (again reference mine at the top.) If you want to preview what the movements will look like, click the little white arrow on the grey at the bottom of each slide.

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 3

Besides the backgrounds you can also edit what part of the text is highlighted. Below is what it gave me as a default but as you can see from the video at the beginning, I chose to highlight the words colour and fruit. Just touch the blue A to highlight. You can also click on the down arrow next to the blue A to change the colour used for highlighting. In my video I made it orange.

If your text is all in one box, it will display all at once. If your text is in two boxes as below, then the first line will show up first, then it will fade and the second line will show up.

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 4

At the bottom of the slide where it says Text or Title, you can change it to quote if you have something that should be in quotation marks. Don’t forget to add your source. Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 5

The images was all done in the media section. If you move to music you will find tons of song choices for background music. These are all free to use. Click the little blue arrow to listen and click the choice you want to select it.

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 6

In the branding section you can add your watermark (shown in top right of each slide lightly) and logo (shown at the end of the video).  Although it doesn’t go in automatically, I suggest adding your url to the last slide as well with your logo. See how I did it in my video.

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 7

Finally you will check out the preview and see if it looks just like you want. When you are happy with your video click Publish. Please note it will take some time for your video to process. It started off around 20 minutes but my last few took 5 hours. It all depends on how popular the site is so it will change. You can exit out of the site while it processes and you can choose to receive an email when it’s done or just check back.

When it’s all done, go to the website and click on your video to download it as an MP4. Then you can share it! Add it to a blog post, upload to social media, add to YouTube, whatever!

Learn How to Easily Make Videos with Lumen5 - Example 8

That’s it! Now you can easily make videos.

If you make a video with my tutorial, share it in the comments!



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