Blogathon Prize Sponsor – Callista’s Ramblings

Callista's Ramblings That’s right, I decided to sponsor a prize as well for the blogathon. Callista’s Ramblings is one of my blogs.

I’m offering a $20 Gift Code.

Anyone worldwide can use an Amazon code just about, check their webpage if you aren’t sure.

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Blogathon Prize Sponsor – Thomas Allen & Son.

Thomas Allen & Son. Publishers is donating two books as prizes! Have I mentioned that they are one of my favourite publishers??

Participants in the US/CAN will have the chance to win: Presents: Angel’s Laws of Blogging: What You Need to Know to Have a Successful and Profitable Blog by Angel Laws and Carole Moore

“Self-taught Angel Laws, the founder of, created a successful and profitable blog, one that receives more than 500,000 unique hits a day. Offering readers simple, step-by-step advice on how to turn a blog into a career or at the very least a money maker Laws will help anyone with an interest in this field. Using this guide to the art of blogging about celebrities, fashion, music, and entertainment, you will learn how to: Pick the right name for your blog Brand your blog, bringing your readers, money, and fame Use social networks to your advantage Generate ad revenue and know what to look out for Manage your blog, from content to comments And so much more! Peppered with insider stories about the movers and shakers of the entertainment world the kind of stuff only someone behind the scenes knows Presents: Angel s Laws of Blogging is the book to read if you want your blog to succeed.” – from

Read my review of Angel’s Laws of Blogging

The World According to Twitter by David Pogue

“The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often useful collection of hand-picked tweets. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half-million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought-provoking question every night. The questions ranged from the earnest ( What s your greatest regret ?) to the creative ( Make up a concept for a doomed TV show ) to the curious ( What s your great idea to improve the cell phone ?). Out of 25,000 tweets, Pogue has gathered the very best 2,524 into this irresistible, clever, laugh-out-loud funny book. The World According to Twitter is truly a grand social networking experiment, in which thousands of voices have come together to produce a unique and wonderful record of shared human experience.” – from

Be sure to Connect with Thomas Allen on Facebook and Twitter.

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Blogathon Prize Sponsor – Idiot’s Guides

The Complete Idiot’s Guides is donating FOUR books as prizes for the Biannual Blogathon Bash!

As a participant in the US/CAN , you will have the chance to win one of these:

  1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress
  2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Marketing (link is to ebook but it will be paperback)
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
  4. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook, Second Edition

Read my Review of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress

The website is a wealth of information itself with all the quick guides.

Check out these quick guides:
Blogging Rules and Etiquette
How to Set Up and Use Your Facebook Timeline
How to Find and Hire a Designer for Your WordPress Blog
How to Get Traffic to Your Website

Thanks to Idiot’s Guides!

Be sure to check them out on your favourite Social Media site:

Complete Idiot’s Guides on Facebook
Complete Idiot’s Guides on YouTube

Follow on Twitter: @IdiotsGuides | @CIG_Business | @CIG_Food | @CIG_Health | @CIG_Lifestyle

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More Ideas For Your To Do List

I suggest you make a list of what you want to work on during the Blogathon Bash. I mention some things in the About page but here are some more.

  1. Clean Up your Pinterest Account (get rid of ones that don’t link back to source – why?)
  2. Sign up for Feedburner to better take care of your RSS subscriptions.
  3. Register your blog with and learn what your score means.
  4. Clean out your email inbox
  5. Create email templates for common types of emails you send
  6. Sign up for Google Analytics and start monitoring your blog stats.
  7. Add social media icons to your blog.
  8. Go back to old posts and fix them up (check links, add photos, fix typos and poorly written text)
  9. Come up with a blogging schedule.
  10. Redo/Do your About Me page.

There are just so many things you could work on!

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