Blogging Tips: Mini Challenges

The most recent mini challenges for the current blogathon are at the top. All past mini challenges with working links are below. Check out the past challenges, especially if you are new to the blogathon. There is lots of great information there.

The current challenges include a specific challenge to do. The past ones may or may not still have the challenge. Either way they are great resources. Let me know if you find one that doesn’t work anymore.


Who is Your Ideal Reader? @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
How to Learn New Things Without Getting Overwhelmed @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
How to Easily Make Videos @ Biannual Blogathon Bash
Keyword Tips for Pinterest @ From Mom’s Desk
Learn How to Use PLR for Your Blog Content Creation @ From Mom’s Desk
Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales @ From Mom’s Desk

ADDED THIS YEAR – below are some links to other blog posts/websites and a task to do related to the site. Doing any of the below WILL count towards prizes. They will count as if they are mini challenges like those above. There is a thread in the Facebook group if you want to discuss any of these challenges or share what you did. This is optional.

Compiled Mini Challenges

  1. Do this quiz –
  2. Read this article and decide are you a hobby blogger or is this a business? If a business, is there one of these suggestions you are not already doing that you could be?
  3. 40 Free Online Courses – pick and sign up for one –
  4. Watch one of these TED Talks –
  5. pick one of these ways and either do it or make a plan to do it soon –
  6. Watch This YouTube video and figure out which tip you should implement first –
  7. answer the question: which one of these ways can you use to make more time to write?
  8. Self care (do the checklist, what’s your score?) (not blogging related but it’s important to take care of ourselves) –
  9. Read and decide if a free email course is for you and make a plan for what it would be about –
  10. Watch This YouTube video on creating about me pages and improve your about me page in ONE way. –
  11. Are you more goofus or gallant? (they don’t have to say). If more gallant, make a list of what you need to work on –
  12. Spend at least 20 minutes answering some of these questions and planning for your ideal client (or ideal reader) –
  13. Is there any of these you could improve about your homepage?
  14. Read this post and plan one way you can take content you have and get more mileage from it
  15. Take this quiz and get help creating epic funnels and tailor the right content to your audience (you will need to know your ideal audience to do this. Also copy and paste your results to a document and save them after)


(Newest to oldest)
Links last checked June 2017

Past mini challenges will NOT count towards prizes during the blogathon event.

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To Auto Post or Not to Auto Post? @ Shaping Up to Be a Mom
Why Bloggers Need LinkedIn @ iBlog Magazine
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