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Coming Back After a Blogging Break

Coming Back From a Blogging Break

Whether your blogging break was planned or not, when you come back to blogging after being away for a while, it can seem very overwhelming. Over the many years I’ve been blogging, I’ve taken a few breaks. Some were because I lost internet access at home for a while. Some were vacations, some were from illness and sometimes it was just blogger burnout. My breaks ranged from one week to almost a year.

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged since June until now. This time, my break was because of pregnancy. Early pregnancy makes me very sick and tired and even when I’m not actually sleeping, I just feel like resting or watching TV. Sorry if you missed me!

Where to Start After a Blogging Break

The longer you’ve been away, the more daunting the task is to get back into it. Here are some tasks you might want to consider to get in the swing of things again and get up to date:

  1. Back up your blog BEFORE you start.
  2. If you use WordPress, update any plugins and/or themes that aren’t up to date.
  3. Check your sidebars. Do you have a list of current events or giveaways that are now past? Do you have blog buttons for past events? Is everything up there still current?
  4. View the whole blog and check for images or widgets that are not showing correctly. Widgets from external websites sometimes change their coding and if you haven’t been around to know that it may be showing as an error to your visitors.
  5. Check your social media accounts to make sure they weren’t hacked while you were absent.
  6. Take some time to view some of your favourite blogs and check your social media feeds to see what others have been up to while you were absent.
  7. Start brainstorming posts you want to do or make a list if there are ones you have to do that you need to get to. Visiting other blogs should have given you some inspiration as well.
  8. Write one or more posts! If you’ve been gone awhile and especially if you have a good number of loyal visitors, you may want your first post to be a “I’m back” type of post but you don’t have to. Also don’t feel you have to explain where you’ve been, especially if it’s a personal reason. A generic sorry I’ve been gone but I’m back now post is fine.
  9. Promote your new post to help bring in some more traffic. The longer you are away from blogging, the more your traffic goes down. You want people to know you are back and have new content!
  10. Talk to your blogging friends if you need some support during the process.

Well I’m off to take my own advice, I hope it was helpful.

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What To Do With Your Blog During the Holidays

You want to keep your blog up to date but you are looking forward to a break from your blog work during the holidays. What can you do?

What To Do With Your Blog During the Holidays | Biannual Blogathon Bash

There are a few different choices you can make. What’s right for one blogger will not necessarily be right for another. There is no right or wrong choice.

1. Continue Blogging As Normal Through the Holidays

This would be a good choice if you don’t celebrate Christmas or if the holidays aren’t that busy of a time for you or you just really love blogging! If your blog is your business, this may be your choice. You could still take a day or two off but you might not be able to afford more than that.

2. Stop Blogging for the Holidays

Some bloggers take a break of a week to three weeks and do not produce content during this time. The benefit is a large break from your work. The negative side is that you may lose readers during this time. The longer the break from your regular posting schedule, the more readers tend to be lost. If you are not blogging for profit or are not worried as much about readership numbers, this may be the right option for you.

3. Slow Down Your Blogging

Perhaps you might post the same amount but do less promotion or behind the scenes work. Or perhaps you will just post less often during the holidays. This option could be done in many different ways. If you have more than one blog, you might continue your regular posting schedule on one but take a break from the other(s)

4. Utilize Guest Posts

By accepting guest posts from other bloggers, you can have content for your blog without taking the time to write anything. You could even preschedule the posts to go up during the holidays. For this option you would want to think farther ahead. If it’s close to the holidays though, you might still be able to get one or two as some people have guest posts written already and are just waiting for a home for them. Ask your blogging friends or post a request in BloggerLinkUp or in a blogging forum. Guests posts are also good for bringing another person’s ideas and writing style to your blog for a time.

5. Preschedule Your Own Content

You can schedule a day where you produce many posts before the holidays and then schedule them to go up throughout the holiday so you have regular content that is yours but you don’t have to do the writing during the holidays. It is up to you how much other blogging work you do during the holidays such as promotion, behind the scenes work, design work etc. This can be a lot of work at once but then you will feel relieved at having posts ready to go up.

Bottom Line

Remember there are no right or wrong choices and what you choose will depend on many factors such as why you blog, how many blogs you have, your personal beliefs surrounding the holiday and whether you monetize your blog or not.

What do you plan to do with your blog for the holiday season? Tell me in the comments.

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