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Tips for a Clean Inbox

Tips for a Clean Inbox


Declutter Tips for a Clean Inbox

While you are tackling your email accounts, keep these tips in mind:

  • Sort by Sender and look for large groups of emails from the same sender. Determine if you still want to receive those emails. If you have 10 unread emails from as far back as 3 months or more, than chances are you don’t REALLY need to keep those emails. Do what you need to in order to stop receiving those type of emails. Unsubscribe from the newsletter, turn off notifications etc.
  • Sort by Subject and look for large groups of emails with the same or similar subjects. Do the same as above.
  • Sort by Date (most recent first) to go through the rest. As you open each email, try to deal with it immediately. The goal is to not close an email and leave it there if at all possible. If you don’t need it, delete it. If you need to reply to it, do so. If it contains important information like registration details, make a folder called archive and put it there. But ONLY put VERY important emails you need to keep long term in there. If you need to do something else before you can reply, do it if you can. If you can’t take action right now because you have to do something first that takes a while (write up a review, check with someone else, decide on something etc.) than either leave it in your inbox for now or transfer it to a separate folder to deal with.
  • inbox2If your inbox is REALLY bad (whatever you consider really bad but I’d say over 500 emails for sure) and even after deleting groups of the same type of email you are still overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with it all, make a separate folder called inbox 2 under the regular inbox and move EVERYTHING from your inbox into that. Then you can start fresh when new things come into your inbox but you can still use search to find what you need from your inbox 2 folder. (in the image on the right, you can see I apparently need to make an inbox 3 and start over AGAIN!)

I Need Help!

I don’t personally use these resources but I found a few things you might want to try out. If you use them, let me know in the comments!

Mailstrom – Free trial or paid subscription service. You give it access to your email account and it loads your emails and allows you to delete, archive or unsubscribe in batches. Free trial loads up to 5000 emails and lets you process up to 25% of them.
Unroll.me – easily unsubscribe from newsletters and subscriptions on your account. Works for web-based mail (Outlook.com including Hotmail, MSN, and Windows Live, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud.)

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(OVER) Lets Start Decluttering Our Email!

Declutter Your Inbox EventThe Declutter Your Inbox Event is OVER!

There are many ways to “play.” You can just work on your own to get the job done or you can interact with us in one or more different ways.


  • Clean your email accounts out!


  • Count the total number of emails in every email account you own BEFORE you start tackling and then again AFTER. You can keep this to yourself, share in the comments or in the Facebook Group or just share the total afterwards or total you got rid of. Whatever you want! We just want to cheer you on.
  • Check back on the blog later today and tomorrow for some helpful posts on cleaning our your email.
  • Chat in our Facebook group when you take a break from purging to let us know how it’s going or to ask questions (how do I turn off notifications for a certain site or how do I create message rules etc.)
  • Connect on twitter (and use hashtag #blogathon2) and let us know how it’s going or give us your tips.
  • Join us for a twitter chat at 8pm EST Sunday and/or 1pm EST Monday with hashtag #blogathon2

If there is something you need to help you get the job done, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Whether you need to clean out 10 emails or 100,000 – You Can Do It!

Just added it up and looks like I’m working through over 3300 emails myself!


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