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Blogathon Instagram/Twitter Photo Challenge #blogathon2

instagram-challengeLast year we had fun posting photos to Instagram during the blogathon based on the topic of the day. This year I’d like to invite you to join us again. If you don’t have Instagram and do not wish to join, you may share your images on Twitter instead.


Please remember to include the #blogathon2 hashtag in all your blogathon related Instagram and twitter posts, whether it’s the theme of the day post or not. You are certainly not limited to one Instagram/Twitter Pic a day!

Please also consider searching Instagram using the hashtag to find other blogathon users and follow them and/or heart/comment or retweet/reply their images.

Want to Join Instagram?

As long as you have a smartphone, it’s super easy to start an account. Just go to Instagram and follow the prompts. Add the app to your phone and you can post to Instagram right from your phone!

The Topics

Jan 23 (Thursday) – Preparing for the Blogathon

Jan 24 (Friday) – Brain Fuel (food and drinks that are keeping you going while you work)

Jan 25 (Saturday) – Blogging Resources (websites, apps, books, software you find useful)

Jan 26 (Sunday) – Weather Report (what’s the weather where you are?)

You can find me on Instagram as Kathleen Garber.


Image © Flickr User Jon@th@nC

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Blogathon Instagram Challenge

instagram-on-smartphoneThis year I decided to try something new. Each day of the blogathon will be a topic. Post a photo to Instagram on the topic and tag #blogathon2. Take a few minutes to go through the #blogathon2 feed and see what everyone else is posting. Even better if you follow other participants and like/comment on their photos! Share to Twitter too if you want!

Don’t Have Instagram?

As long as you have a smartphone, it’s super easy to start an account. Just go to Instagram and follow the prompts. Add the app to your phone and you can post to Instagram right from your phone!

The Topics

June 21 – My Work Space

June 22 – My Blog Topic(s) – e.g. coupons for coupon blog, kids for parent blog, books for book blog etc.

June 23- What I Do When I’m Not Blogging

I hope you have fun with it! You can find me on Instagram as Kathleen Garber.

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Why Social Network Promotion is Important for Blogs


Where Your Readers Come From

Most people consider the amount of visitors their blogs gets to be an indicator of success. Unless you are blogging for yourself or for family, you probably want people to read what you are writing and to increase the amount of people who do so.

People can’t read your blog if they can’t find it. Some people find your blog because you share the address with them directly (direct traffic). Often they are friends or family. Some might come upon it in a web search (search traffic). Some might come because of blog ads or because you did a guest post (referral traffic). Finally, some come because they saw your blog or your post on a social network. (also referral traffic) I get a large amount of my blog traffic from social networks.

Where Blog Traffic Comes From

How Social Network Promotion Can Bring in New Readers

If you are not active on Facebook or twitter at least, you are missing out on valuable traffic. Promoting specific posts has advantages. If I hear the name of your blog, or even a description of your blog, it may not interest me or I may think it won’t anyways. But if I see a blog post advertised on a topic I’m currently interested in, I will click over to read the post. While I’m there, I may see other posts on your blog or categories that I may find interesting and next thing I know, I’ve spent 30 minutes on your blog and/or subscribed to it.

That has happened to me many times, where I suddenly find myself subscribing or at least regularly reading a blog that I had seen mentioned around before but never sounded interesting. That was all because I had clicked through on a specific post on Facebook or twitter.

Even if you are not interested in keeping up with blogs or your family and friends on social networks, you should still be utilizing them to promote your blog if you are serious about increasing your readership.

Which Social Networks?

There are tons of social networks around now and you certainly do not need to use them all although in general, I would say you should focus your interests on the most popular ones. One thing to consider is where your readers or your potential readers are. Pinterest for example is full of crafts, DIY, fashion and quotes/humour. If your ideal reader is interested in those topics, you should be concentrating on Pinterest.

Also you can search the social networks to see if people are talking about the subjects you blog about. Do a twitter search on your blog topic and see if people are tweeting about your subject. If there are lots of tweets on your subjects, then your potential readers are on twitter. Facebook is a bit harder to search but if you find fan pages or groups related to your subjects, that’s a good indicator. Talk to your current readers and see what social networks they use as well.

Research that social network and learn how to use it. If your readers use more than one, pick one to concentrate on first. It’s easier to learn one new site at a time. If you are already using some and don’t wish to use more, than improve how you are using them to bring in more traffic.

There are hundreds of choices for social media, no one is going to use them all. (click image to enlarge)


© Ethority. Used Under Creative Commons License

If you are not using any social media to promote your blog, research and pick one to learn how to use.

If you are using social media to promote your blog, evaluate which ones you are using and see if there is one you should add in to your schedule. Research it.

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