Wiley Publishers – Sponsor of the Winter Blogathon 2013

Wiley Publishers has agreed to donate some amazing books as prizes for the blogathon. I’ve read or am reading all the books being given away so I can vouch for how good they are.

Wiley can ship to US and Canada so these prizes will only be available to participants in those countries.

You could win…

9781118179673 cover.indd
Two Copies Available

Learn tried-and-tested methods for optimal personal productivity! Personal Productivity Secrets gives you everything you need to know to be organized, in control, and to get things done: Understand how your brain absorbs, organizes, and filters the daily deluge of information, and learn to trick your brain into being more productive Appreciate the difference between “Time Management” and “Attention Management” and create workflow processes that help you defend your attention Create a plan for navigating endless technology options, and implement tools that will keep you productive, focused and in control Personal Productivity Secrets reveals updated and vital information for achieving your significant results, and being as productive as you can be in a fast-paced, technology-driven society.
312 pages $35.99 CDN – source
Two Copies Available
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Make the most of Twitter as a tool for creating a personal brand With this insightful book, author and Twitter guru Sarah-Jayne Gratton offers real-world examples and proven techniques for capturing a Twitter audience and using that audience to spread the word about you to build a personal brand.

  1. Details ways in which you can use Twitter to build a personal brand
  2. Shows you how to maximize Twitter s potential as a powerful marketing tool for your own benefit
  3. Encourages you to take advantage of Twitter s vast audience
    288 pages $29.99 CDN- source
9781118027752 cover.indd
One Copy Available
With so many social media monitoring and measurement tools available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which tool is right for you when it comes to calculating the success of your social media marketing efforts. This fun and friendly guide helps you determine which tool will serve you best for understanding your online audience.

You’ll learn to sift through all the information available about social media monitoring and metrics so that you can listen to what is being said about your business, read your analytic dashboard, understand what metrics mean for you, calculate your return on investment (ROI), and apply your findings to future social media marketing campaigns.

With this helpful book by your side, you will learn how to understand the information you acquire regarding your social media marketing efforts and then put that information to work for your business.

336 pages $29.99 CDN – source

I assure you these books are great. I’m still reading Social Media Metrics but let’s face it, I’ve read lots of For Dummies books and have never disliked any of them. Follow Me and Personal Productivity Secrets were AMAZING 5 Star Books.