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The Key to Productivity

The Key to Productivity

The Trick to Productivity is just to actually DO it.

This sounds like a duh but seriously, how many times do you…

  • read about doing something
  • think about doing something
  • plan to do something
  • write something on your to-do list
  • try to do something while doing something else
  • do something else before doing IT
  • wonder if you should be doing IT

I find I get so much more done when I stop procrastinating and just DO it. It’s hard though! No I don’t need a snack first, or to adjust my music first, or plan a certain day to do it. Just DO IT.

Productivity Quote

That quote is good except for where it says intelligent planning. I don’t think too much planning is needed for productivity. When I REALLY clean my house or write a post, I don’t plan it. I just do it. When you need to do something and you find yourself thinking about it too much, remember Nike’s slogan of “Just Do It.”

Stay off Facebook and Twitter, stop rearranging your papers, getting a snack or talking to your family for just ONE hour and see how productive you can be.

Did you know that today, June 20 is World Productivity Day?

If you need some more tips on productivity I’ve written about it before including ways of blocking out distractions and tips like that. But even with those tips, ultimately, JUST DO IT!

I guess I’m just one of these people who, when I decide I’m going to do something, I just do it.

Tom Ford

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How To Succeed as a Pro Blogger

How to Succeed as a Pro Blogger

When you decide to make the move from hobby blogging to pro blogging you may find you need to make some changes in how you do things to succeed, especially if you are having trouble succeeding as a home business.

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Increasing Blog Productivity

Increasing Blog Productivity | Biannual Blogathon Bash

Increasing Blog Productivity

Give Yourself a Change of Scenery

Clean, reorganize, redesign or completely move your work space depending on what you can do at the time. Even if you can’t move your work space somewhere else, cleaning the area and/or making small changes such as different décor, a different arrangement of the parts (computer pieces, notepads, pencil holder etc) or a quick paint job can make a difference. Even just decluttering makes a world of difference.

Use Background Music/Noise

Some people work best in quiet but most of us work better with some kind of background noise, even if it is just white noise. If you find music distracts you because you try to sing along, put on instrumental. Try nature sounds. If what you need to do is typing, try more upbeat music. If you are trying to make phone calls or do planning, try something softer and slower.

Block Out Distractions

There are all types of distractions that could be hindering your ability to be productive. Some you can control and some you can’t. We’d all love a separate room that is just our work space and a nanny to watch the kids and a butler to answer the phone and door while we work. If you have all that, consider yourself lucky. Most of us don’t. Do what you can.

  • If you can hire a babysitter or work when kids are at school or sleeping, great. If you can’t, maybe mom or dad’s work time can be when the kids watch a movie or do some fun self-led activity they only get to do when you are working. You may be tempted to not let them do something “big” like playdough, crafts or building a fort but if you take a few moments break and get them set up and started on a bigger activity they don’t do as often, it will hold their attention longer.
  • Turn off your phone’s ringer and put your cell phone farther away from you if that is your biggest distraction.
  • If having tabs open to websites or Social Media that are not relevant to the task at hand is the distraction, close them. Or even open a new browser window so they are still up but out of site. Turn your volume down or turn off notification sounds if you leave them up so you aren’t tempted to click over every time you hear a sound.
  • If you find you get hungry or thirsty often and getting up to get those is the biggest problem, keep snacks and drinks handy or at least get them before you sit down to work.
  • If email is your biggest distraction, don’t keep your email client open and don’t even check email until you’ve been productive for an hour or two first. If you need an email open to refer to while you work, either open up the related emails and close the actual client (if it’s an offline client) or make sure auto send and receive is turned off so new emails won’t keep popping in while you are working.

Group Similar Tasks

If your blog posts often require editing lots of photos, instead of downloading and editing your photos before each blog post you sit down to write, download all recent images at once and designate some work time to editing (cropping, resizing, adding text etc) and saving them. You can put all photos for one blog post in a separate folder to make it easier to find them when you are working on a post. Do this for other tasks too. Don’t write a post, promote it on Social Media, then write another post, and promote it etc. Get all your writing done and then spend time promoting them (you can schedule some Social Media posts so they are spaced out more.)

Time to Work

Wake Up Early, Stay Up Late or figure out your Circadian Rhythms and work WITH them and not against them.

Use Your Resources Wisely

There are tons of resources out there to help with productivity. Take a look at them and figure out which ones work best for you and then use them!

  • Expand your idea of a to-do list. Be clear with what the plan is. Try this worksheet from Creative Biz School: Today’s Projects.
    • Mytomatoes.com is a digital form of the Pomodoro Technique which has you work for 25 minutes uninterrupted using a timer and then break for 5 minutes.
    • Simply Noise – white, pink or brown noise to keep you focused.
    • Coffitivity.com – Ever taken your laptop or tablet to a coffee shop? Why is it that you have no problem concentrating there? It’s not too quiet or too noisy. Get the benefits of coffee shop sounds at home.
    • Nature Sounds For Me – Create your own compilation of the available sounds and customize it so it’s just right for you. You can add up to 4 sounds and customize the volume and percentage included as well as if it goes on continuously or comes and goes throughout the time. Tons of sounds to choose from, not just what you expect for nature sounds.
    • Get Work Done Music – Click play and listen. You can skip a song if you really want to or choose fast or faster but other than that, very simple. Use the faster for house cleaning.
    • Productivity Music – this is a YouTube video and I love the music but it’s only 18 minutes long so not really good unless you just need a few focus moments to get something done.
    • Do Nothing for 2 Minutes  – Great for breaktime, it actually times you and you fail if you touch the keyboard or mouse and the timer resets.
    • Calm.com – Calming music and visual displays for when you need to take a moment and relax.

Which Productivity Tips Do You Think Might Help You?

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3 Online Tools for Bloggers You Might Not Know About

3 Online Tools for Bloggers That You Might Not Know About | Biannual Blogathon Bash

Bloggers who have been around for a while probably are familiar with some online tools that can be useful with regards to blogging such as Hubspot Marketing Grader (if you aren’t familiar with that, get familiar) or Hootsuite.

Here are 3 Online Tools for Bloggers you might not know about.

Blog Social Analyzer

You can use the Blog Social Analyzer to check your own blog or someone else’s to see a few key facts such as Alexa, Mozrank and Domain Authority but also to see how much social media sharing is going on. Use it to evaluate yourself or to see if shares are common on a blog you are thinking of guest posting on.

Blog Social Analyzer Tool


NameChk is used when you are planning a new website/blog to see if the name you are thinking of is taken on any social media or not. You will want to brand your site and to do so, you will want your brand’s name on your social media accounts. It checks 158 social media sites although by default it just shows the most popular ones. Just type in your ideal username to see what’s taken. It also suggests some available domain names.

Use Namechk.com to see if your desired username is taken on popular sites

Dark Room

Dark room is pretty much what it sounds like.  It calls up a dark room so you can concentrate on your writing without all the distractions. It’s a minimalist text editor that by default is green text on black. You can set it to auto save and then type away to your heart’s content. Focus on adjusting the layout of it and adding images after when you copy and paste it into your usual editor. You can edit the preference to your liking including colour, font and size. the only downside I see is when you install it, it tries to install extras like toolbars and such. So don’t just click install on every window that comes up. Read what it says and choose decline for all of those. When it talks about toolbars, choose advanced setup and unselect the toolbar options to JUST install Dark Room.

*image source – foam 3 puzzle piece photo used for post image is from Kozzi.com. Sign up using my referral link and we both get 10 free premium credits

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