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The Blog Workshop This Past Weekend #TBWC13

The Blog Workshop Conference

In March I posted about The Blog Workshop Online Conference that was held this past weekend. I was looking forward to my second online conference but a few weeks ago I realized I was double booked. As a Brownie leader, I had Brownie camp this past weekend. It turned out there was Wifi and I tried to join in but it just didn’t work. We came home Sunday and I tried to join in for the last bit but managed to miss all but the VERY LAST session.

Luckily when you register for the conference, you have access to a recording of the sessions afterwards so I will be able to catch up on what I missed. Between The Blog Workshop community and the Facebook group I’ll still be able to connect with the participants.

The Blog Workshop Conference


For the little bit I did already attend, I had lots of fun. The speakers were amazing, very clear and easy to understand. The Q&A was nice. We could direct our questions to a certain speaker and while they were answering vocally we could still chat about the topic in the chat area or comment on what they were saying.

Da Vinci and Dante Did Great

Having fun many big blogging events such as the upcoming Blogathon, I know how hard it is to set something up like this and have it run smoothly. The coordinator, Da Vinci did an amazing job. Every time I had a question before hand she promptly replied. She was warm and friendly when speaking and had just the right balance of professionalism and light-heartedness. Dante was awesome too. The two of them work very well together and I could see this, even having only participated for one day.

All Conferences Should Have Workbooks

The workbook has tons of information and was designed to be printed out so you could make notes directly on it during each session. I wasn’t able to do that but I think that would be a helpful addition to any session at any conference, even in real life. The notes I made at the one and only in real life conference I’ve attended so far, were scattered on different pieces of paper and I wrote so fast I wasn’t able to add all the details I wanted. The result is that I’m not sure what some of my notes mean now.

I am seriously considering signing up again for the next conference. I liked this format for an online conference (watching live video, seeing slides and chatting) better than the other online conference I did (which used the ning platform.) I am thinking of attending the SEO Workshop coming up as well.

I recommend bloggers check out the workshop. If you join the community with a paid membership level your fee goes towards paying for your conference fee next year. This is a great option for those who find it hard to pay a lump sum all at once.

I’m looking forward to viewing the sessions I missed and chatting with the attendees. I may share some of what I learned after I’ve had a chance to check it all out. For now, it’s back to planning the blogathon.

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Online Blog Conference: The Blog Workshop #TBW

Have you ever attended an online blog conference? How about an offline one? I’m fairly new to the Blog Conference world, even though I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years. I tell others the reasons are a lack of money or babysitting. While those are factors, the real reason is my anxiety. I get so anxious from new situations, especially if I’m not with my close family members. Add travel in a new place to that equation and it’s very stressful for me.

An Online Blog Conference

My first conference was an online one that I was able to do from my own home. This was perfect for me as I was comfortable and therefore was able to relax and absorb the information. I also didn’t have travel costs or as many problems with child care.

Last year I went to She’s Connected, but only for the day as I wasn’t able to stay overnight since I was still nursing my toddler. Although a hotel stay seemed stressful, I think trying to get there and back in one day was more stressful. I also attend the P&G Mom event (not a conference) which required and overnight stay in a beautiful hotel and travel costs. I was stressed and anxious but I had a blast.

Do You Want to Attend a Blog Conference?

Whatever your reason for not attending one or very many (travel, childcare, personal, cost) you might want to consider an online conference.

This year I will be attending The Blog Workshop which is an online blog conference held May 17-19, 2013. (affiliate links)

The Blog Workshop Online Blog Conference

How Does an Online Blog Conference Work?

For a fee of only $175 (10% of which is donated), you have access to 3 days/6 sessions plus resource lists, giveaways, conference workbook and a The Blog Workshop shirt!  The conference really only takes up a few hours of your time each of those three days so you will still have time left over for your other commitments or networking. If you need help, there is an available payment plan or student/teacher discount.

To access the sessions you will login with a special code to watch videos of the speakers. You will be able to replay the sessions at a later time to watch them again.

There is also an opportunity for US residents to apply for a scholarship or a grant. More details on those are available on the website.

Who Are the Speakers?

Online Blog Conference Speakers

Watch the Video


Will I See You There?

Will you be attending The Blog Workshop? If so I’ll “see” you there. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so before May 10! (affiliate link)

*Disclosure: In exchange for promoting the conference, I have received free admission to the conference for myself. However I was intending to save up the money to attend anyways so I was very happy to have the opportunity to share this with you. This post contains affiliate links.

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