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Twitter Analytics: A Guide

Twitter Analytics: A Guide

With Twitter Analytics you can get an idea of how your twitter marketing is going. For bloggers I think twitter analytics is important.


Twitter Analytics Summary

When you first enter Twitter Analytics you are shown a 28 day summary that shows your number of tweets, tweet impressions (people who saw the tweet), profile visits, mentions and followers. It also shows the number or percentage of change since the last 28 day period.


As you can see above for my @callista83 twitter account, I got 47 new followers and my mentions and impressions are up since last period but my profile visits and # of tweets are down.

Analytics for More Than a Year

Next your Analytics will show you some tweet highlights for the current month. Your top tweet, top follower, top mention and top media tweet. You’ll also see a summary for the month: # of tweets, profile visits, tweet impressions, mentions and new followers.

You can scroll down and see these for each month for more than a year previous.


But Wait There’s More

That’s just the home tab! At the top, click on Tweets to see your tweets and impressions spread out for each day as well as your most recent tweets, top tweets and tweets and replies along with impressions, engagement and engagement rate for each tweet.

Under the Audience Tab, you can find out more about your followers including how fast your followers are growing, their gender, income, interests, occupation, net worth, consumer buying styles and wireless carrier.

There is an events tab which shows you events and hashtags that are currently live and for some, the audience size. I suppose this gives you ideas of what you can tweet about that might get you a bigger audience. I haven’t personally found much use for this tab yet.

If you click on the more section, you can view your info from your twitter cards, video activity, app manager and conversion tracking. These are more complicated tools.

As you can see, Twitter Analytics is a useful tool for a blogger.

Here are more helpful Twitter articles from a few of my favorite bloggers:

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New Twitter Layout: What You Need to Know

New Twitter Layout: What You Need to Know | Biannual Blogathon Bash

New Twitter Layout: What You Need to Know | Biannual Blogathon Bash

Twitter unveiled it’s new profile recently and the new twitter layout makes it more consistent with other social media such as Facebook, Google+ and even Instagram which all feature a large wide cover image across the top. That’s not the only difference though.

I love the look of the whole profile, especially how all my important about information is featured to the left. I was excited to have a bigger canvas for a header image and whipped up a cover image for now that features who I am as well as all four of my main blogs. However I had some trouble with the resolution. You can see on my actual profile that the image doesn’t look as sharp as it should. It looks right on my computer but when it’s uploaded, twitter changes the resolution on me.

New Twitter Layout - What You Need to Know | Biannual Blogathon Bash

New Twitter Layout Features

  • Larger cover image (1500×500 but not all of it is visible after upload (bottom cuts off) and the profile image covers part of it as above)
  • Larger profile image (400×400)
  • About information in left sidebar under image including join date
  • Quickly see # of tweets, photos/videos, follower numbers and favourites. If you click on more you can see lists.
  • Tweets that have received more engagement are shown in bigger font
  • The ability to pin a tweet to the top of your feed to showcase it.
  • The ability to view tweets only or tweets and replies.

What You Need to Know About the Header Image

I chose to go with an informational image but you may not want to do that as the image shows up differently in different places. I may be changing my header in the near future. When you are on the main twitter page, the layout is however you had it originally (I had chose this background before) and your header image shows up really small behind your face and cut off in the top left corner. Of course only you see this anyways.


On mobile your profile image has a different spot which makes my layout not look as good as a photograph or generic background would look. Keep this in mind when designing your image since many people access twitter from a mobile device.


What Does This Mean for Me?

New twitter profiles are rolling out over the next little while so if you don’t have one yet, you will soon. Start giving some thought to your images now.

  • Think about how you use favourite tweets right now. If you don’t favourite any or favourite most tweets, you might want to reconsider. They are on display more so you might want to refocus how you favourite.
  • Consider what tweet you might want to pin to showcase it. If you decide to pin a time sensitive tweet, make sure to come back to unpin it or your account will look out of date and like it’s not important to you.
  • Make sure your about section is up to date (and if you are a blogger, please consider adding that word to your bio. Many of us will follow a blogger at the drop of a hat but if you don’t put it in your bio, we might miss that you are a blogger.)

Tell Me: Do you have the new profile yet? Do you like the look of it?

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Twitter Lead Tuesday 2/5 #bloggers

Every week I’ll share leads I find on Twitter for bloggers who do reviews. I am just sharing what I find, contact is up to you and I can’t vouch for the company nor am I responsible for their conduct. I hope you find a twitter lead you can use!

Make Sure you Subscribe Via RSS or Email so you will know immediately each time this weekly post goes out!

Twitter Lead Tuesday

From Newest to Oldest (Contact quickly as often companies only have a few samples to give out and they go quick!)


NOTE: Tweets originate from different countries, some will ship outside of their country and some will not. You have to reply to each tweet to ask.

GreenKiddie @greenkiddie
For a new natural kids chocolate range I am looking for lovely kids to taste & their mums to review on their blogs. Interested? Let me know.

Kayleen Schrage @kayleen3389
Any #blogger #fashion #tech bloggers own a #Galaxy #Note and want to ‘review’ phone case? Working on new designs, looking to get word out

Richard Long @RichardLongNYC
Book bloggers/reviewers: If you’d like to review The Book of Paul, tweet me and I’ll send you a free ebook.

Chris King @ArtificialChris
If any bloggers, writers, whatever would like my record to review OR to use as background music when blow-drying their hair… DM me.

Vegan Baker Stef @YummyMummyCupca
Looking for bloggers to review some of my great goodies. email me:yummymummycupcakery@Yahoo.com. thanks

Adesse PR @AdessePR
Any family video #bloggers out there who would be keen to review a family guide to financial education? #vbloggers Get in touch! #PRrequest

Laura Mader @BlackBoxMader
I am looking for bloggers, reviewers,skin care junkies, etc to review our #GeniSkin acne line. DM me if interested and feel free to pass on!

SpecsPost @SpecsPost
Bloggers…we need you! DM us with your name and blog details for opportunities to review our glasses x #Fbloggers

Breanna Smith @breeBCspas
Would any beauty bloggers want to review some of my products?

Ashley Patrice @UrbaneNatural
STILL looking for more natural hair bloggers to review product samples! Email me at Urbane.Natural@gmail.com

Della’s Workshop @DellasWorkshop
Any Eco friendly #bloggers out there who want to review our stuff? #journorequest

Erin @thespiffycookie
A friend of mine works for @redjacketny and is looking for food bloggers to review their juice and host a giveaway. Anyone interested?

AtoZwithyouandme @AtoZyouandme
We are looking for bloggers to review our newest product which will be available very soon. Msg me if interested. Thx.

Good Luck!

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Announcing Monthly Twitter Chats #blogathon2

Blogathon Twitter Chat

At the last blogathon I brought up the idea of monthly twitter chats to keep connected in between blogathons and make new blogging friends all while having fun and learning/discussing about blogging and social media type topics.

I added a page to the blog with all the information on the twitter chats, what they are, how they work and when they are.

You don’t have to have participated in the blogathon to join us at the chats, it’s open to anyone!

Our theme for February is Balance. We will be discussing balancing our blogging work with the rest of our lives. Whether you have perfected that balance or are as far from it as possible, we’d love to have you join us.

Whether you will be joining us or not, I’d love to know…

Do you struggle with the blog-life balance?

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