Accepting Sponsors for the Blogathon

Biannual Blogathon Bash

The Biannual Blogathon Bash offers prizes to some of the participants of the event as incentive to work hard on their blog and try new things and to introduce products and services of interest to bloggers.  Most of these prizes are donated by generous sponsors.

Sponsors can be people or companies who want to help support bloggers and get their own blog/website noticed by bloggers. Past sponsors have included:

Prize Guidelines

  • Prizes must be blogging, business or social media related or something of interest to bloggers.
  • Prizes MUST be a minimum of $25/person with the exception of ebooks (blogging/writing/etc related ones only and must be $5+)
  • You can donate prizes for more than one person to increase the value of your sponsorship.
  • Items offered as a prize MUST be approved by me. I am screening for value, chance of many people enjoying the prize and such.
  • If the prize is physical, the SPONSOR is responsible for shipping to the winner. Sponsors must state where they can ship to ahead of time.

Sponsor Commitment

Due to some past sponsors NOT fulfilling their prizes despite multiple attempts at contacting, I will require every sponsor to state their agreement to some simple terms such as fulfillment of prize within standard amount of time, contact with me and prize winner if there is a delay or problem and removal of promotions if prize is not fulfilled or contact goes unanswered.

As a Thank You For Sponsoring… (updated for 2017)

I can offer one of the following depending on value of all prizes donated. To clarify, if you donated a service worth $100 to 2 winners, your total sponsor value would be $200.

Total Sponsorship Value
Sponsor Spotlight Post Included Sidebar Ad Social Media Accounts Included as Extra Entries in Prize Form*
$25-$99 NO 125×125 sidebar ad under Bronze Sponsors ONE
$100-$199 NO 125×125 sidebar ad under Silver Sponsors ONE
$200 to $500 NO 200×200 sidebar ad under Gold Sponsors TWO
$500+ YES 200×200 sidebar ad under Platinum Sponsors TWO

*No Google+ or Facebook due to G+ and Facebook promotion rules.


  1. If the prize is a product or service, you can also provide me and/or one of my Team Members with one as well if we are interested and we will do a review on one of our blogs.
  2. Sponsors will be announced in our Facebook group and on our Facebook page as well as on Twitter at least once before the event and once during the event, possibly more.

NOTE: Sponsor sidebar ads will be added after prize sponsorship is approved and confirmed until one month AFTER the blogathon ends.

Want to Sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact me.