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I run the blog but running the blogathon event is a big task so I’m thankful for the help of my blogathon team. I am also thankful to those bloggers who help out in smaller ways such as retweeting my tweets and such.

Meet the Blogathon Team


Team Member Kathleen Garber Kathleen Bailey (Garber) is the owner of this blog but Biannual Blogathon Bash is just one of her blogs. To see where else you can find her, check out her website . She loves blogging and social media and can’t believe how much it has changed since 2003 when she started. She has been online since 1999 in one way or another. She started the blogathon.
Team Member Meagan Paullin Meagan Paullin, the busy mom of a toddler, enjoys sharing her experiences as she learns to balance her many roles as a work from home mom. As the Owner and Creative Director of Sunshine and Sippy Cups, she regularly shares “Busy Mom Solutions” to help other multitasking moms find balance in their lives. Meagan is super excited to be on the blogathon team. She is really happy to be able to help other bloggers meet their goals and become more successful.
Team Member Kecia Hambrick Kecia Hambrick, owner of Southern Girl Ramblings and Basics4Bloggers, is happy to bring her blogging and social media experience to the Blogathon table. She enjoys helping other bloggers get their start as well as advance their blogs to the next level. She looks forward to connecting with fellow bloggers during the Blogathon and giving them as much assistance as possible!
Team Member Leila Brenner (Kennedy) Leila Brenner (Kennedy on Facebook), is the mommy of three and shares her life in written form over at Life as Leels, and her social media tips over at Leila is excited to be a part of the Blogathon team and help new and experienced bloggers take their blogs to where they want them to be!
Team Member Ashley Mullen Ashley Mullen is a busy mom of three aged 5 and under. Between balancing a busy home and blogging at Forgetful Momma, took a full web design program and is just starting a freelance wed design business Mullen Web Design. She is looking forward to working alongside some great woman to help other bloggers reach their full blogging potential.
Team Member Ramona Vincent Ramona Vincent is an inspirational writer and community builder who celebrates creativity through blogging and social media! She founded Create With Joy as a place where creative bloggers can share crafts, books, recipes and stories about faith, family and pets – the things that matter most in life. She’s been a Blogathon enthusiast since its inception and is thrilled to join the Blogathon Team as our official Twitter Rep! She looks forward to connecting with you on Twitter at @CreateWithJoy1 and helping you achieve your blogging goals!