Seeking Mini Challenge Hosts

As with all past blogathons, we are currently seeking Mini Challenge hosts. If there is a blogging/social media topic you are familiar with, perhaps you’d like to host a mini challenge. You do NOT need to be a blogathon participant to host a mini challenge. If you won’t be available during the weekend to participate, you can still host a mini challenge!

What Is a Mini Challenge?

A mini challenge is a blog post that contains information on a blogging or social media related topic and contains a mini challenge aspect at the end. The challenge portion should be something that has to do with the information given but can be done in 30 minutes or less during the blogathon.

How Do They Complete the Challenge?

It depends on what your challenge is. If the challenge was to write a blog post or add something to a blog post, you could include a linky for them to link up their posts when they are done. Or they could comment on your post with a link or an explanation of what they did. They might tweet something or anything else.

Can I See An Example?

Take a look at the lists of our past challenges and check some of them out to get an idea of how they work and the different ways they can be run.

But I’m Not a Blogging Pro!

We are not looking only for pro bloggers who have been at it for years. There will be blogathon participants of all experiences and we are looking for mini challenges that would appeal to brand new beginners, intermediates as well as advanced bloggers. Even if there is still a lot you need to learn, there might be something you have figured out that you could teach a newer blogger.

Okay, I’m Interested, Now What?

Great! If you are interested in hosting a mini challenge you can find details on what is required here. That document also links to a Google doc to officially sign up once you have an idea. If you aren’t already a member, you can join the Blogathon Facebook group. Feel free to brainstorm challenge ideas or ask questions there.